Let's Trade Stamps!

Listed below are the stamps I want for Poland. If you find anything that you want to trade, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com and we will try to work out a deal.

Poland Summary of Scott Numbers
486 499 537 544 549 550 553 554 559 563 591 643 663 672 3156
3335 3336 3337 3416 3421 3476 3484 3517 3520 3521 3522 3639 3649 3653 B69A
B78 B82 B83 B87 B88 B99 B100 B101 C28 C30 C36 C38

Scott #YearDescriptionMint ValueUsed Value
4861950Polish Peace Congress - Worker and Dove (15z)$0.30
499195180th Anniv. Of Insurrection of Paris - Gen. Jaroslaw Dabrowski (45g)$0.20
5371952Gen. Karol Swierczewski-Walter, 5th Anniv. Of Death (90g)$0.40
5441952Nikolai Gogol - 100th Anniv. Of Death (25g)$0.75
5491952Concrete Works, Wierzbica (3z)$0.95
5501952Concrete Works, Wierzbica (10z)$1.50
5531952Power Plant, Jaworzno (1z)$0.65
5541952Power Plant, Jaworzno (1.50z)$0.65
5591952Birth Anniversaries - Victor Hugo (90g)$0.25
5631952Auto Assembly Plant, Zeran (1.15z)$0.48
591195310th Anniv. Of Poland's People's Army - Roman Pazinski (1.75z)$0.55
6431954Pomerania's Return to Poland, 500th Anniv. - Olsztyn (1.55z)$1.25
6631954Beaver (3z)$1.75
6721955Warsaw Monuments - Nicolaus Copernicus (40g)$0.60
31561993Polska '93 Souvenir Sheet - Legend of the White Eagle (50,000z)$8.00
333519971000 years Sw. Vojciech - St. Adalbert Among Heathen (50g)$0.50
333619971000 years Sw. Vojciech - Saint with Shepherd's Staff (60g)$0.60
333719971000 years Sw. Vojciech - St. Adalbert (1.10z)$1.00
34161998View of City, 1624 -- Souvenir Sheet of 2 (2 x 65g)$0.95
34211998Sigismund III Vasa, King of Sweden and Poland (1.20z)$0.90
34761999National Philatelic Exhibition -- Souvenir Sheet (1z)$0.80
34841999Frederic Chopin, Composer (1.40z)$0.90
35172000View of Krakow from 1493 Wood Engraving -- Souvenir Sheet (1.75z)$1.00
35202000Pope John Paul II, 80th Birthday - Pope (80g)$0.45
35212000Pope John Paul II, 80th Birthday - Black Madonna of Jasna Gora (1.10z)$0.65
35222000Pope John Paul II, 80th Birthday - Pope's Silver Cross (1.55z)$0.90
36392002160th Birthday of Maria Konopnicka (1.10z)$0.55
36492002Seventh visit of Pope John Paul II to Poland (3.20z)$1.60
36532002Polish Philatelic Association in Ciechocinek (3.20z)$1.60
B69A1952Poland's 6-Year Plan - - Coal Mining (1.20z + 15g)$0.30
B781952Shipbuilder's Day - "Dar Pomorza" (45g + 15g)$0.70
B821952Power Plant (45g + 15g)$0.65
B831952Ludwik Warynski, Political Organizer, 70th Birth Anniv. (30g + 15g)$0.40
B871952Aviation Day - Piolot Entering Plane (45g + 15g)$2.25
B881952Henryk Sienkiewicz, Author (45g + 15g)$0.35
B991952Auto Production, Zeran (45g + 15g)$0.30
B1001952Six Year Plan - Truck Factory, Lublin (30g + 15g)$0.20
B1011952Six Year Plan - Truck Factory, Lublin (60g + 20g)$0.40
C281952Industrialization - Seaport (55g)$0.20
C301952Industrialization - Warsaw (1.40z)$0.45
C361954Historic Buildings - Kazimierz Dolny (80g)$0.20
C381954Historic Buildings - City Hall, Wroclaw (1.50z)$0.40

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