Let's Trade Stamps!

Listed below are the stamps I want for Denmark. If you find anything that you want to trade, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com and we will try to work out a deal.

Denmark Summary of Scott Numbers
1 10 17 20 21 22 24 42C 44D 50C 51C 52C 138 139 140
141 402 403 405 406 407 409 410 411 412 413 414 415 420 421
423 424 425 426 427 428 430 432 433 434 435 445 447 448 453
456 457 458 459 460 461 462 463 464 466 467 468 469 470 471
478 479 480 481 482 483 484 485 487 488 489 490 491 492 507
508 509 510 511 512 513 514 515 516 517 518 519 520 521 524
537 540 542 543 544 545 547 548 549 550 551 566 576 577 578
579 582 586 587 588 589 590 600 601 602 603 604 605 611 616
617 618 619 621 622 623 630 633 634 635 636 637 638 640 641
653 654 655 656 657 658 666 667 668 669 696 697 698 699 721
747 791 893 904 905 907 1004 1005 1160 1162 1201A O2 O3 O4 O5
O9B P18 Q7 Q11

Scott #YearDescriptionMint ValueUsed Value
118512rs (blue) (2rs)$3,000.00$1,200.00
101863Royal Emblems with Wavy Lines in Spandels (Rouletted 11) (16s)$1,400.00$650.00
171870Numeral in Normal Frame (Perf. 14 x 13.5) (3s)$100.00$110.00
201870Numeral in Normal Frame (Perf. 14 x 13.5) (16s)$275.00$175.00
211870Numeral in Normal Frame (Perf. 12.5) (2s)$2,000.00$3,250.00
221870Numeral in Normal Frame (Perf. 12.5) (4s)$150.00$125.00
241870Numeral in Normal Frame (Perf. 12.5) (48s)$450.00$275.00
42C1902Numeral w/Inverted Frame (Large Crown Watermark) (4o)$140.00$130.00
44D1902Numeral (Large Crown Watermark) (8o)$525.00$425.00
50C1902Numeral w/Inverted Frame (Large Crown Watermark) (25o)$210.00$60.00
51C1902Numeral w/Inverted Frame (Large Crown Watermark) (50o)$260.00$240.00
52C1902Numeral w/Inverted Frame (Large Crown Watermark) (100o)$225.00$240.00
1381918Newspaper Stamp with Surcharge (perf 13) (27o on 1o)$90.00$250.00
1391918Newspaper Stamp with Surcharge (perf 13) (27o on 5o)$90.00$250.00
1401918Newspaper Stamp with Surcharge (perf 13) (27o on 7o)$90.00$250.00
1411918Newspaper Stamp with Surcharge (perf 13) (27o on 10o)$90.00$250.00
4021962Old Mill (10o)$0.20
4031962M. S. Sealandia (60o)$1.50
4051962Cliffs of Moen Island (20o)$0.20
4061963Germinating Wheat (35o)$0.25
4071963"Bird Flight Line" Railroad Link Between Denmark and Germany (15o)$0.20
4091963Niels Bohr and Atom Diagram (35o)$0.30
4101963Niels Bohr and Atom Diagram (60o)$0.55
4111964Early Public School Drawn on Slate (35o)$0.20
4121964Conference on Exploration of the Sea (60o)$0.35
4131964Danish Watermarks and Perforations (35o)$0.25
4141964Landscape (25o)$0.20
4151965First Business School in Denmark, Cent. (15o)$0.20
4201965ITU Centenary - Emblem, Telegraph Key, Teletype Paper (80o)$0.35
4211965Carl Nielsen, Composer (50o)$0.25
4231965Bogo Windmill (40o)$0.25
4241966Mylius Dalgas Surveying Wasteland (250)$0.20
4251966Christen Kold - Educator (50o)$0.25
4261966National Treasures - Poorhouse, Copenhagen (50o)$0.25
4271966National Treasures - Holte Allee, Bregentved (80o)$0.55
4281966National Treasures - Dolmen in Jutland (1.50k)$0.80
4301967Music Bar and Instruments (50o)$0.25
4321967800th Anniv. Of Copenhagen - Windmill and Medieval Fortress (25o)$0.30
4331967800th Anniv. Of Copenhagen - Ship's Rigging and House Front (40o)$0.25
4341967800th Anniv. Of Copenhagen - Old Town Hall (50o)$0.25
4351967800th Anniv. Of Copenhagen - New Building Construction (80o)$0.75
4451967Hans Christian Sonne (60o)$0.25
4471968Esbjerg Harbor (30o)$0.20
4481968Koldinghus Castle (60o)$0.25
4531969Sower (30o)$0.20
456196970th Birthday of King Frederik IX (50o)$0.20
457196970th Birthday of King Frederik IX (60o)$0.20
4581969Europa and CEPT, 10 Year Anniv. (90o)$0.70
4591969Kronborg Castle (50o)$0.25
4601969Danish Flag (60o)$0.30
4611969Martin Andersen Nexo, Novelist (80o)$0.30
4621969Niels Stensen (1k)$0.35
4631969Abstract Design (60o)$0.25
4641969Valdemar Poulsen, Electrical Engineer and Inventor (30o)$0.25
4661970School Safety Patrol (50o)$0.25
467197025th Anniv. Of Liberations From Germans (50o)$0.25
4681970Tercentenary of Jaegersborg Deer Park (60o)$0.25
4691970Elephant Figurehead (30o)$0.25
4701970"The Homecoming" by Christensen (60o)$0.25
4711970Electromagnet (80o)$0.30
4781971Mathide Fibiger (80o)$0.30
4791971Refugees (50o)$0.25
4801971Refugees (60o)$0.35
4811971Hans Egede (1k)$0.40
4821971Sports - Swimming (30o)$0.20
4831971Sports - Gymnastics (50o)$0.30
4841971Sports - Soccer (60o)$0.40
4851971Sports - Sailing (90o)$0.60
4871972Sugar Production (80o)$0.35
4881972Frederik IX (60o)$0.30
4891972Danish Meteorological Institute (1.20k)$0.60
4901972Nikolai F. S. Grundvig (1k)$0.40
4911972Locomotive, 1847, Ferry, Travelers (70o)$0.30
4921972Rebild Hills (1k)$0.35
5071972"Tinker Turned Politician" (70o)$0.30
5081972WHO Building, Copenhagen (2k)$0.60
5091972Highway Engr. Diagrams - Bridge Across Little Belt (40o)$0.20
5101972Highway Engr. Diagrams - Hanstholm Harbor (60o)$0.30
5111972Highway Engr. Diagrams - Lim Fjord Tunnel (70o)$0.30
5121972Highway Engr. Diagrams - Knudshoved Harbor (90o)$0.40
5131972Danish Architecture - Aeroskoging House (40o)$0.35
5141972Danish Architecture - East Bornholm Farmhouse (60o)$0.35
5151972Danish Architecture - House, Christianshavn (70o)$0.45
5161972Danish Architecture - Hvide Sande Farmhouse (1.20k)$0.60
5171973Johannes Vilhelm Jensen, Lyric Poet and Novelist (90o)$0.35
5181973Danish Factory Act (50o)$0.25
5191973Professor P. C. Abildgaard (1k)$0.35
5201973Horticultural Society - Rhododendron (60o)$0.40
5211973Horticultural Society - Dronningen of Denmark Rose (70o)$0.40
5241973Sextant, Stella Nova, Cassiopeia (2k)$0.60
5371974Queen Margrethe II (deep brown) (80o)$0.30
5401974Queen Margrethe II (slate green) (90o)$0.35
5421974Queen Margrethe II (gray) (100o)$0.35
5431974Queen Margrethe II (red) (100o)$0.35
5441974Queen Margrethe II (brown) (100o)$0.35
5451974Queen Margrethe II (orange) (110o)$0.40
5471974Queen Margrethe II (red) (120o)$0.35
5481974Queen Margrethe II (ultra) (130o)$1.10
5491974Queen Margrethe II (violet blue) (150o)$0.50
5501974Queen Margrethe II (slate green) (180o)$0.35
5511974Queen Margrethe II (blue) (200o)$0.70
5661975Early Radio Equipment (90o)$0.35
5761975Scenic Views - Watchman's Square, Abenra (70o)$0.30
5771975Scenic Views - Haderslev Cathedral (90o)$0.40
5781975Scenic Views - Mogeltonder Polder (100o)$0.40
5791975Scenic Views - Mouth of Vidaaen at Hojer Floodgates (120o)$0.55
5821975Protected Animals and SPCA - Cats (90o)$0.45
5861976Copenhagen Views - Copenhagen Center (60o)$0.50
5871976Copenhagen Views - View from Round Tower (80o)$0.50
5881976Copenhagen Views - Central Station (100o)$0.30
5891976Copenhagen Views - Harbor (130o)$1.50
5901976Postilion, by Bache (130o)$1.25
6001977Europa - Allinge (1k)$0.50
6011977Europa - Ringsted (1.30k)$2.50
6021977Southern Jutland Landscapes - Kongeaen (60o)$0.85
6031977Southern Jutland Landscapes - Skallingen (90o)$0.40
6041977Southern Jutland Landscapes - Torskind (150o)$0.50
6051977Southern Jutland Landscapes - Jelling (200o)$0.60
6111978Handball (1.20k)$0.30
6161978Central Jutland Landscapes - Kongenshus Memorial Park (70o)$0.25
6171978Central Jutland Landscapes - Post Office, Old Town in Aarhus (120o)$0.45
6181978Central Jutland Landscapes - Lignite Fields, Soby (150o)$0.55
6191978Central Jutland Landscapes - Church Wal, Stadil Church (180o)$0.60
6211978Danish Fishing Industry - Eel Traps (1k)$0.40
6221978Danish Fishing Industry - Boats in Berth (1.80k)$0.40
6231978Danish Fishing Industry - Drying Nets (2.50k)$0.90
6301979Queen Margrethe II (slate) (90o)$1.25
6331979Queen Margrethe II (red) (130o)$0.35
6341979Queen Margrethe II (brown) (130o)$0.40
6351979Queen Margrethe II (red orange) (140o)$0.90
6361979Queen Margrethe II (red orange) (150o)$0.45
6371979Queen Margrethe II (ultra) (160o)$0.60
6381979Queen Margrethe II (red) (160o)$0.40
6401979Queen Margrethe II (gray) (210o)$0.90
6411979Queen Margrethe II (olive green) (230o)$0.75
6531979Viking Art - Gripping Beast Pendant (1.10k)$0.40
6541979Viking Art - Key With Gripping Beast Design (2k)$0.60
6551979North Jutland Landscapes - Mols Bjerge (80o)$0.25
6561979North Jutland Landscapes - Orslev Kloster (90o)$0.60
6571979North Jutland Landscapes - Trans (200o)$0.50
6581979North Jutland Landscapes - Bovbjerg (280o)$0.65
6661980North Jutland Landscapes - Viking Ship Burial Grounds (80o)$0.25
6671980North Jutland Landscapes - Lighthouse (110o)$0.30
6681980North Jutland Landscapes - Boreglum Monastery (200o)$0.45
6691980North Jutland Landscapes - Vorupor Beach (280o)$1.00
6961981Historic Planes - Ellehammer's 18-HP Biplane (1k)$0.30
6971981Historic Planes - R-1 Fokker CV Recon Plane, 1926 (1.30k)$0.65
6981981Historic Planes - Bellanca J-300, 1931 (1.60k)$0.35
6991981Historic Planes - DC-7C, 1957 (2.30k)$0.55
7211982World Figure Skating Championships (2k)$0.60
7471983N. F. S. Grundtvig (2.50k)$0.55
7911986HAFNIA '87 Souvenir Sheet (Carriage, Iceboat, 1st Mail Van, Airmail) (100o - 380o)$5.00
8931990Queen Margrethe II (4k)$0.90
9041990Queen Margrethe II (frontal, blue) (5k)$1.10
9051990Queen Margrethe II (frontal) (5.25k)$1.10
9071990Queen Margrethe II (frontal) (green) (5.50k)$1.10
10041994Expedition ship, weather balloon (3.75k)$0.90
10051994Theodolite, Johan Peter Koch, Cartographer (5k)$1.25
11601999Contemporary Paintings - Fire Farver, by Kluge (9.25k)$3.25$1.40
11621999Opening of New Extension of the Royal Library, "The Black Diamond" (8.75k)$3.00$1.25
1201A2001Danish Postage Stamps, 150th Anniv. - Booklet Pane of 4 (various)$8.75$8.75
O21871Official Stamp - Small State Seal (carmine, perf 14x13.5) (4s)$77.00$32.50
O31871Official Stamp - Small State Seal (green, perf 14x13.5) (16s)$450.00$325.00
O41871Official Stamp - Small State Seal (carmine, perf 12.5) (4s)$5,750.00$575.00
O51871Official Stamp - Small State Seal (green, perf 12.5) (16s)$400.00$550.00
O9B1899Official Stamp - Small State Seal (blue, perf 13) (4o)$3.25$4.00
P181914Newspaper Stamp (crosses wmk, perf 14x13.5) (38o)$2,000.00$175.00
Q71919Parcel Post - Christian X, Postfaerge Overprint (claret & black) (50o)$260.00$325.00
Q111919Parcel Post - Christian X, Postfaerge Overprint (yellow brown) (1k)$100.00$190.00

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