Let's Trade Stamps!

Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for the topic 'Organization - Europa, CEPT'. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

Organization - Europa, CEPT
CountryScott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
Belgium5721961Europa Issue, 1961 (3fr)---$0.20
Belgium5821962Tree with 19 Leaves (Europa) (3fr)---$0.20
Belgium6141964Europa (Symbolic Daisy) (3fr)---$0.20
Czechoslovakia28251991Europa (6k)$2.00---
Denmark6141978Jens Bang's House, Aalborg (1.20k)---$0.20
Denmark6511979Mail Cart, 1785 (1.30k)---$0.20
Denmark6641980Karen Blixen, Writer (1.30k)---$0.20
Denmark6801981Tilting at a Barrel on Shrovetide (1.60k)---$0.20
Denmark7231982Abolition of Adscription, 1788 (2k)---$0.20
Denmark7241982Women's Voting Right, 1915 (2.70k)---$0.65
Denmark7391983Sailing Sound Bridge (3.50k)---$0.50
Denmark7551984Europa, 1959-1984 (2.70k)---$0.20
Denmark8371987Modern Architecture - Central Library, Gentofte (2.80k)---$0.40
Denmark8541988Postwoman on Bicycle (3k)---$0.20
Denmark9361991Danish Satellite Photos (Europa) - Temperature of Waters (3.50k)---$0.25
Denmark9591992Discovery of America, 500th Anniv. - Potato Plant (3.50k)---$0.40
Denmark10041994Expedition ship, weather balloon (3.75k)---$0.20
Denmark10261995Gen. Montgomery, Town Hall Square (3.75k)---$0.20
Denmark10271995White Busses Returning From Concentration Camps (5k)---$0.60
Denmark10501996Famous Danish Women - Karen Blixen (3.75k)---$0.20
Denmark10511996Famous Danish Women - Asta Nielsen (5k)---$0.40
Denmark11001998Europa - Horse at Danish Agricultural Show (3.75k)---$0.60
Denmark12502003Poster Art (Europa) - Copenhagen Int'l Theater Festival, by Fick, 1985 (4.25k)---$0.70
Faroe Islands431979Europa - Denmark No 88A (140o)$0.50---
Faroe Islands441979Europa - Faroe Islands No. 1 (180o)$0.50---
Finland7561987Modern Architecture (Europa) - Tampere Main Library, 1986 (1.70m)---$0.25
Finland7951989Europa - Hopscotch (1.90m)---$0.25
Germany17451992Discovery of America (Europa) - Rene de Laudonniere and Chief Athore (100pf)---$0.50
Germany18301994Europa - Quantum Theory by Max Planck (100pf)---$0.45
Germany19661997Stories and Legends (Europa) - Rubezahl of Riesengebirge (Giant Mountains) (100pf)---$0.60
Germany20872000Europa (die cut perf 10.75) (110pf)---$0.90
Great Britain18711999British Achievements: Farmers - Strip Farming (Europa) (19p)---$0.40
Great Britain19812001Europa - Frog (1st)---$0.55
Great Britain20402002Circus - Lion Tamer (Europa) (1st)---$0.80
Iceland8181996Famous Women (Europa) - Halldora Bjarnadottir, Educator (35k)---$0.75
Italy7511958"E" and Dove (Europa) (60l)---$0.35
Norway9281988Transportation (Europa) - Prinds Gustav, 1st Passenger Steamer in Northern Norway (2.90k)---$0.30
Norway9891991Europa - ERS-1 Satellite (3.20k)---$0.30
Portugal8951962Europa (19-cell Honeycomb) (1e)---$0.20
Sweden5621960Europa (19 Spoke Wheel) (40o)---$0.20
Sweden11171975Europa - "New Year's Eve at Skansen" by Hallstrom (90o)---$0.20
Sweden11591976Europa - Lapp Elk Horn Spoon (1k)---$0.20
Sweden12781979Europa - Mail Service by Boat (1.30k)---$0.35

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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