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Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for the topic 'Stamp Type - Postage Due'. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

Stamp Type - Postage Due
CountryScott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
AustriaJ821920Postage Due (50h)$0.20---
AustriaJ861920Postage Due (2k)$0.20---
AustriaJ881920Postage Due (4k)$0.20---
AustriaJ1031922Postage Due (1k)$0.20---
AustriaJ1081922Postage Due (10k)$0.20---
AustriaJ1121922Postage Due (40k)$0.20---
AustriaJ1451925Postage Due (20g)---$0.20
AustriaJ2041947Postage Due (1g)$0.20---
AustriaJ2321949Postage Due (1g)---$0.20
AustriaJ2421949Postage Due (60g)---$0.20
BulgariaJ131895Postage Due (overprinted, imperf, light blue) (30s on 50s)---$2.00
BulgariaJ141895Postage Due (overprinted, perf, light blue) (30s on 50s)---$2.00
BulgariaJ151896Postage Due (orange) (5s)---$0.75
BulgariaJ161896Postage Due (purple) (10s)---$0.75
BulgariaJ171896Postage Due (green) (30s)---$0.45
BulgariaJ191901Postage Due (dull rose) (5s)$0.20$0.20
BulgariaJ201901Postage Due (yellow green) (10s)$0.40$0.20
BulgariaJ211901Postage Due (dull blue) (20s)---$0.20
BulgariaJ221901Postage Due (violet brown) (30s)$0.35$0.20
BulgariaJ231901Postage Due (orange) (50s)$5.50$4.00
BulgariaJ241915Postage Due (semi-transparent paper) (5s)$0.20$0.20
BulgariaJ251915Postage Due (semi-transparent paper) (10s)---$0.20
BulgariaJ261915Postage Due (semi-transparent paper) (20s)---$0.20
BulgariaJ271915Postage Due (semi-transparent paper) (30s)$1.10$0.20
BulgariaJ281915Postage Due (semi-transparent paper) (50s)---$0.20
BulgariaJ291919Postage Due (emerald) (5s)---$0.20
BulgariaJ29A1919Postage Due (gray green) (5s)$0.30$0.20
BulgariaJ301919Postage Due (violet) (10s)---$0.20
BulgariaJ30B1919Postage Due (light violet) (10s)$0.20$0.20
BulgariaJ311919Postage Due (salmon) (20s)---$0.20
BulgariaJ31A1919Postage Due (yellow) (20s)$0.20---
BulgariaJ32A1919Postage Due (red orange) (30s)$0.65$0.65
BulgariaJ331919Postage Due (blue) (50s)---$0.20
BulgariaJ33A1919Postage Due (light blue) (50s)$0.20$0.20
BulgariaJ341919Postage Due (emerald) (1l)---$0.20
BulgariaJ351919Postage Due (rose) (2l)---$0.20
BulgariaJ36A1919Postage Due (bister) (3l)---$0.20
BulgariaJ402000Lion of Trnovo (20s)---$0.20
CamerounJ241947Postage Due (10c)$0.20---
CanadaJ201935Postage Due (10c)---$0.20
Congo, Peoples RepublicJ461971Flowers - various (1fr)$0.35---
Congo, Peoples RepublicJ471971Flowers - Phaeomeria magnifica (2fr)$0.45---
Congo, Peoples RepublicJ481971Flowers - Millettia Laurentil (5fr)$0.50---
CzechoslovakiaJ641928Postage Due (60h)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ651928Postage Due (1k)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ671928Postage Due (5k)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ681928Postage Due (10k)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ781946Postage Due (2.4k)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ821955Postage Due (5h)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ841954Postage Due (30h)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ851955Postage Due (50h)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ861954Postage Due (60h)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ881954Postage Due (1k)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ891954Postage Due (1.2K)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ901954Postage Due (1.5k)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ931954Postage Due (3k)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ951971Styllized Flower - Postage Due (10h)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ1001971Styllized Flower - Postage Due (1k)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ1031971Styllized Flower - Postage Due (3k)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaJ1041971Styllized Flower - Postage Due (4k)---$0.20
DahomeyJ291963Panther and Man (1fr)$0.20---
DahomeyJ301963Panther and Man (2fr)$0.20---
JordanJ381942Postage Due (no wmk, perf 13x13.5) (10m)$0.50---
MauritaniaJ261963Birds - Vulture (50c)$0.20---
MauritaniaJ271963Birds - Eurasian Crane (50c)$0.20---
PhilippinesJ241947Postage Due (4c)$0.45---

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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