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Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for the topic 'Flora - Flowers'. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

Flora - Flowers
CountryScott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
Australia439C1970Flowers - Golden Wattle (5c)---$0.20
Australia11931990Thinking of You - Flower Arrangement (43c)---$0.45
Barbados3961974Orchids - Cattleya gaskelliana alba (1c)$0.20---
Belgian Congo2681952Flowers - Angraecum (50c)---$0.20
Belgian Congo2711952Flowers - Hibiscus (1fr)---$0.20
Belgian Congo2751952Flowers - Costus (3fr)---$0.20
Belgium16771997Rhododendron ((17fr))---$0.25
Bermuda1451953Easter Lilies (1.5p)---$0.20
Brazil21681989Flowering Plants - Pavonia alnifolia (50c)$0.60---
Brazil22631990Flowers - Cassia macranthera (20cr)---$0.20
Canada13631991McIntosh Apple Tree (48c)---$0.25
Canada13661991Gravenstein Apple Tree (52c)---$0.25
Canada16381997Quebec en Fleurs 97, Intl. Horticultural Exhibition (45c)---$0.25
Colombia8621978Flower - Cattleya Triannae (2.50p)---$0.20
Congo, Peoples Republic2221970Flowers - Brillantaisia vogeliana (1fr)$0.45$0.20
Congo, Peoples Republic2231970Plants - Plectranthus Decurrens (2fr)$0.45---
Congo, Peoples Republic2241970Flowers - Myrianthemum mirabile (3fr)$0.50---
Congo, Peoples Republic2251970Plants - Connarus Griffonianus (5fr)$1.00---
Congo, Peoples Republic2371971Tropical Flowers - Cogniauxia Padolaena (1fr)$0.25---
Congo, Peoples Republic2391971Flowers - Plumeria Acutifolia (5fr)$0.25---
Congo, Peoples RepublicJ461971Flowers - various (1fr)$0.35---
Congo, Peoples RepublicJ471971Flowers - Phaeomeria magnifica (2fr)$0.45---
Congo, Peoples RepublicJ481971Flowers - Millettia Laurentil (5fr)$0.50---
Cuba26601983Flowers - Azucena (Lily) (70c)---$0.00
Cuba26611983Flowers - Mariposa (80c)---$0.00
Czechoslovakia28401991Flowers - Aster alpinus (2k)$0.60---
Czechoslovakia28421991Flowers - Daphne cneorum (11k)$2.50---
Dahomey2261967Flowers - Clappertonia Ficifolia (1fr)$0.20---
Dahomey2271967Flowers - Hewittia Sublobata (3fr)$0.30---
Dahomey2281967Flowers - Clitoria Ternatea (5fr)$0.45---
Denmark5201973Horticultural Society - Rhododendron (60o)---$0.20
Denmark5601974Copenhagen Botanical Garden - Iris (90o)---$0.20
Denmark6091977Endangered Flora - Globe Flower (1k)---$0.20
Denmark9211990Endangered Plants - Red Helleborine (3.50k)---$0.25
Denmark9231990Endangered Plant Species - Lady's Slipper (4.75k)---$0.60
Djibouti4791978Flowers - Caesalpinia pulcherrima (250f)---$0.90
Finland9801995Christmas - Poinsettias (2.80m)---$0.60
FinlandB981949Flowers - Wood Anemone (5m + 2m)$0.40---
FinlandB991949Flowers - Wild Rose (9m + 3m)$0.45---
FinlandB1001949Flowers - Coltsfoot (15m + 5m)$0.55---
Great Britain17151997Flowers - Camellia Japonica (1st)---$0.75
Great Britain19192000Millenium Projects: Tree and Leaf - Eden Project (1st)---$0.80
Guernsey4861992Flowers - Standard Carnation (16p)---$0.45
Indonesia16361996Greetings Stamps with Flowers (300r)---$0.20
Italy935A1966Trees and Fruit - Florentine Iris (50l)---$0.20
Japan7251961Cherry Blossoms (10y)---$0.20
Japan9141967Chrysanthemums (15y)---$0.20
Maldive Islands4211973Paintings of Flowers - by Renoir (2l)$0.20---
Netherlands9301996Vacations - Windmills at "Zaanse Schans" Open Air Museum and Anemone (100c)---$0.25
New Zealand3361960Titoki Flower (2.5p)---$0.20
New Zealand3371960Kowhai Flower (3p)---$0.20
New Zealand3381960Hibiscus (4p)---$0.20
Nicaragua12161983Flowers - Neomarica coerulea (1cor)---$0.20
Nicaragua12171983Flowers - Plumeria rubra (1cor)---$0.20
Nicaragua12221983Flowers - Tagetes erecta (1cor)---$0.20
Nicaragua12231983Flowers - Tecoma stans (1cor)---$0.20
Norway11481997Flowers - Red Clover (3.20k)---$0.30
Norway11491997Flowers - Coltsfoot (3.70k)---$0.35
Norway11511997Flowers - Harebell (5k)---$0.45
Norway11521997Flowers - Oxeye Daisy (6k)---$0.55
Norway11831998Flowers - Wild Pansy (3.80k)---$0.25
Philippines14161979Philippine Musaendas - Dona Trining (5p)---$0.80
Philippines2212A1993National Symbols - Flower (1p)$0.35---
Poland14311966Flowers - Poinsettia (20g)---$0.20
Rwanda3511970Expo 70, Floral Arrangement and Peacock (20c)$0.20---
Rwanda3521970Expo 70, Torii and Camellias painting (30c)$0.20---
Rwanda4571972Common Waxbills and Hibiscus (20c)$0.20---
Rwanda6321975Pyrethrum (Insect Powder) (20c)$0.20---
San Marino7581971Flowers - Tiger Lily (1l)$0.20---
San Marino7591971Flowers - Phlox (2l)$0.20---
San Marino7601971Flowers - Carnations (3l)$0.20---
San Marino7611971Flowers - Globe Flowers (4l)$0.20---
San Marino7621971Flowers - Thistles (5l)$0.20---
Singapore1911973Stylized Flower - Madagascar Periwinkle (10c)---$0.20
South Africa4081974Wild Iris (1c)---$0.20
South Africa4111974Calla Lily (4c)---$0.20
South Africa6561985Indigenous Flowers - Freesia (12c)---$0.20
Sweden20161993Flowers - Bluebell (2.60k)---$0.35
Sweden22271997Garden Flowers - Iris sibirica ((5k))---$0.40
Sweden22291997Garden Flowers - Aquilegia vulgaris ((5k))---$0.40
Sweden22301997Garden Flowers - Hemerocallis flava ((5k))---$0.40
Sweden22311997Garden Flowers - Viola x wittrokiana ((5k))---$0.40
Sweden22791998Wetland Flowers - Marsh Violet ((5k))---$0.35
Sweden22801998Wetland Flowers - Great Willow-herb ((5k))---$0.35
Sweden23151998Christmas - Amaryllis ((4k))---$0.40
Sweden23441999Flowers - Lady's Slipper ((5k))---$0.65
Sweden23451999Flowers - Marsh Helleborine ((5k))---$0.40
Sweden2417A2001Peonies - Fernleaf Peony ((5k))---$0.50
Sweden2417B2001Peonies - Chinese Peony "Mons Jules Elie" ((5k))---$0.50
Sweden2417C2001Peonies - Herbaceous Peony (yellow) ((5k))---$0.50
Sweden2417D2001Peonies - Common Peony ((5k))---$0.50
Sweden2417E2001Peonies - Tree Peony ((5k))---$0.50
Sweden24192001Daniel Solander, Botanist - Vertical Pair (2 x 8k)---$4.50
Sweden2461A2003Flowers - Hepatica Nobilis ((5.50k))---$1.25
Sweden2461B2003Flowers - Primula veris ((5.50k))---$1.25
Sweden2461C2003Flowers - Tussilago farfara ((5.50k))---$1.25
Sweden2478C2004Flowers - Hibiscus ((5.50k))---$1.50
Sweden2508A2005Spring Flowers - Convallaria majalis ((5.50k))---$1.10
Sweden2508B2005Spring Flowers - Gagea lutea ((5.50k))---$1.10
Sweden2508C2005Spring Flowers - Pulsatila vulgaris ((5.50k))---$1.10
Sweden2508D2005Spring Flowers - Anemone nemorosa ((5.50k))---$1.10
Tunisia10871995Flora and Fauna - Scupellaria cypria (300m)$0.80---
Uganda1271969Flowers - Kigelia aethiopum (Sausage Tree) (5sh)---$0.20
Uganda1281969Flowers - Erythrina abyssinica (Uganda Coral) (10sh)---$0.55
Uganda1291969Flowers - Monodora yristica (20sh)---$1.25
Uganda6161988Flowers - Aframomum sceptrum (35sh)$0.35---
Uganda6171988Flowers - Adenium obesum (35sh)$0.35---

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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