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Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for the topic 'Transportation - Ships, Boats, Yachts'. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

Transportation - Ships, Boats, Yachts
CountryScott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
Australia6961979Passenger Steamer Canberra (20c)---$0.30
Australia8161981Ocean Racer (24c)---$0.25
Austria18732002Austrian Scenes - Ship in Lake Constance (75c)---$1.40
Bhutan1661974Centenary of the UPU - Sailing and Steam Ships (3ch)$0.20---
Cambodia6201985Ships - River Boat, 1942 (10c)$0.50---
Cambodia6211985Ships - River Boat, 1948 (40c)$0.50---
Cambodia6231985Ships - Dredge (1r)$0.50---
Cambodia6251985Ships - Freighter (2r)$0.50---
Cambodia6261985Ships - Tanker, Panama (2.50r)$0.50---
Canada2601942Corvette (20c)---$0.20
Canada2821949John Cabot's Ship, "Matthew" (4c)---$0.20
Canada7001976Inland Vessels - Northcote (10c)$0.30---
Canada7011976Inland Vessels - Passport (10c)$0.30---
Canada7021976Inland Vessels - Chicora (10c)$0.30---
Canada7031976Inland Vessels - Athabasca (10c)$0.30---
Canada18642000Tall Ships in Halifax Harbor - Denomination at Left (46c)---$0.30
Chile2251943Mercantile Marine (2p)---$0.20
China2241915Junk (1st Peking printing) (3c)---$0.20
China2751926Junk (2nd Peking printing) (4c)---$0.20
Denmark1921927Caravel (Typographed) (15o)---$0.20
Denmark4721970Ships - Bronze Age Ship (30o)---$0.20
Denmark4731970Ships - Viking shipbuilding (50o)---$0.20
Denmark4741970Ships - Schooner (60o)---$0.20
Denmark5631974350th Anniv. Of Danish PO - Balloon and Sailing Ships (90o)---$0.20
Denmark7221982Customs Service, Centenary - Revenus Schooner Argus (1.60k)---$0.20
Denmark7521984Pilotage Service, 300th Anniv. (2.70k)---$0.20
Denmark7871985Boat, by Helge Refn (2.80k)---$0.20
Denmark9861993Training Ships - Danmark (3.75k)---$0.20
Denmark9881993Training Ships - Georg Stage (5k)---$0.80
Denmark10531996Wooden Dinghies - Limfjorden Skiff (3.75k)---$0.20
Denmark12152001Island Ferries - Ouro (4k)---$0.50
Denmark12162001Island Ferries - Hjarno (4.25k)$1.50---
Grenada7641976S. S. Geestland, Geest Line Flag (.5c)$0.20---
Grenada7651976M. V. Federal Palm, West Indies Shipping Service (1c)$0.20---
Iceland9272001Coast Guard, 75th Anniv. ((40k))---$0.95
Indonesia6601965Passenger Ship - surcharged (15s on 15r)$0.20---
LiberiaF171919S. S. Quail on Patrol - Harper (10c)$0.50---
Maldive Islands4971974UPU - Old and New Ships (2l)$0.20---
Maldive Islands5261974Churchill - First Lord of the Admiralty and Battleship (3l)$0.25---
Maldive Islands7351978Ships - Phoenician (1l)$0.20---
Malta10032000Malta in 20th Cent. - Cruise Ship, Small Boat (6c)---$0.35
Mozambique4431963800-ton ship (3.50e)$0.45---
Mozambique4511963Schooner "Maria Teresa" (12.50e)$1.40$0.75
Mozambique4541963Training Ship, "Sagres" (30e)$2.75---
Mozambique4581964Barge of Dom Jose I (35c)$0.20---
Mozambique4621964Barge of Dona Carlota Joaquina (5e)$0.30---
Mozambique4791967Capt. Joao Roby and Gunboat "Granada" (10e)$0.45---
Netherlands10271999Maritime Anniversaries - Freighters (80c)---$0.25
New Zealand16211999Yachting - Optimist (40c)---$0.40
Norway9281988Transportation (Europa) - Prinds Gustav, 1st Passenger Steamer in Northern Norway (2.90k)---$0.30
Panama4851968Sailing Ships - painting by Gamiero (.5c)$0.20---
Peru4581952Fishing Boat and Principal Fish (5c)---$0.20
Poland5601952Reconstruction of Gdansk Shipyards (5g)---$0.20
Poland12101964Ancient Ships - Line Ship (white paper) (2.10z)---$0.20
Poland12111964Ancient Ships - Frigate (white paper) (2.50z)---$0.20
Poland14411966Tourism - Amethyst Yacht on Masurian Lake (40g)---$0.20
Poland14421966Tourism - Poniatowski Bridge and Sailboat (reddish brown) (60g)---$0.20
Poland14471966Tourism - M.S. Batory and Globe (2z)---$0.20
Portugal2991923Flight of Cabral and Coutinho from Portugal to Brazil (1c)$0.20---
Portugal3001923Flight of Cabral and Coutinho from Portugal to Brazil (2c)$0.20---
Portugal3041923Flight of Cabral and Coutinho from Portugal to Brazil (10c)$0.20---
Portugal6151943Ancient Sailing Vessel (5c)---$0.20
Portugal6161943Ancient Sailing Vessel (10c)---$0.20
Portugal6181943Ancient Sailing Vessel (20c)---$0.20
Portugal6201943Ancient Sailing Vessel (35c)---$0.20
Portugal6211943Ancient Sailing Vessel (50c)---$0.20
Portugal6221943Ancient Sailing Vessel (deep rose) (1e)---$0.20
Portugal6241943Ancient Sailing Vessel (dull claret) (2e)---$0.20
Portugal6251943Ancient Sailing Vessel (2.50e)---$0.20
Portugal6271943Ancient Sailing Vessel (5e)---$0.25
Portugal6281943Ancient Sailing Vessel (10e)---$0.25
Portugal7031948Ancient Sailing Vessel (deep claret) (1e)---$0.20
Portugal13651978Work Tools, Old and New - Fishing Craft (5e)---$0.20
Slovakia1881994UPU, 120th Anniv. (8k)---$0.30
Solomon Islands891956Queen Elizabeth II and Ysabel Canoe (.5p)$0.20---
South Africa5611982Return of Simonstown Naval Base, 25th Anniv. - Strike Craft (15c)$0.25---
South Africa5621982Return of Simonstown Naval Base, 25th Anniv. - Mine Sweeper (20c)$0.35---
South Africa5631982Return of Simonstown Naval Base, 25th Anniv. - Harbor Patrol Boats (25c)$0.45$0.35
St. Lucia3791976"Hanna," First U.S. Warship (.5c)$0.20---
Sweden2691938Settlement of Wilmington, Del., 300th Anniv. - Ship "Kalmar Nyckel" (perf 12.5 vert.) (15o)---$0.20
Sweden7571967Merchant Vessel in Oresund, 1661 (perf 12.5 on 3 sides) (10o)---$0.20
Sweden9621973Viking Ship (perf 12.5 on 3 sides) (10o)---$0.20
Sweden20321993Hydrographic Survey - Modern Echo Sounding (2.90k)---$0.25
Sweden24192001Daniel Solander, Botanist - Vertical Pair (2 x 8k)---$4.50
Sweden2484A2004Stockholm Archipelago - Sailboat, Red House ((5.50k))---$0.90
Sweden2484B2004Stockholm Archipelago - Rowboat, Houses, Langviksskar ((5.50k))---$0.90
Sweden2484C2004Stockholm Archipelago - Ferry, Stora Nassa ((5.50k))---$0.90
Sweden2484D2004Stockholm Archipelago - Sailboat, Lighthouse, Namdofjarden ((5.50k))---$0.90
United States10691955Soo Locks Opening, Centenary (3c)---$0.20
United States11971962Louisiana Statehood Sesquicentennial (4c)$0.20---
United States12071962"Breezing Up" by Winslow Homer (4c)$0.20---

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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