Let's Trade Stamps!

Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for the topic 'Map'. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

CountryScott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
Australia2831955World Map and YMCA Emblem (3.5p)---$0.20
Bangladesh41971Flag of Independence (1r)$0.25---
ChadO11966Flag and Map of Chad (1fr)$0.20---
ChadO21966Flag and Map of Chad (2fr)$0.20---
Dahomey1561962Red Cross Workers and Map (5fr)$0.25$0.20
Denmark7701985Bonn-Copenhagen Declaration, 30th Anniv. (2.80k)---$0.35
Denmark10221995Danish Islands - Avernako (3.75)---$0.20
Denmark10241995Danish Islands - Fur (5k)---$0.60
Denmark11882000Oresund Bridge, Map (4.50k)$1.50---
Dominica3891974Map of Dominica and 1st Stamp (.5c)$0.20---
Ecuador7801969Map of Ecuador and Oriental Region (surcharge in lilac) (1s on 30s)---$0.30
Germany17021992Coats of Arms of States of the Fed. Rep. Of Germany - Bavaria (100pf)---$0.55
India3051958Map of India (pillars wmk) (5np)---$0.20
India3121958Map of India (pillars wmk) (25np)---$0.20
Ireland681922Map of Ireland ("SE" wmk) (2p)---$0.50
Ireland1091940Map of Ireland (multiple "e" wmk) (2p)---$0.40
Mozambique3871954Map of Mozambique (pale rose lilac colony color) (10c)$0.20---
New Zealand6491977Map of New Zealand (perf 14.5) (24c)---$0.20
Poland14471966Tourism - M.S. Batory and Globe (2z)---$0.20
Portuguese India5521957Map of Damao and Nagar Aveli (3r)$0.20---
South Africa7581988The Great Trek, 150th Anniv. - Map and Settlers (16c)---$0.25
Sweden12571978North Arrow (Compass Rose), Map, 1769 (10k)---$0.20
Sweden23852000Millenium - European Union Flag, Map of Member Countries ((5k))---$1.40
Switzerland4931968Map Showing Systematic Planning (30c)---$0.20
Switzerland9971997Swiss Farmers Union, Cent. - Street Map (90c)---$0.40
Tonga1991968Map of Tongatabu (surcharged) (9s on 3.5p)---$0.30
United States10181953Ohio Statehood Sesquicentennial (3c)---$0.20
United States10691955Soo Locks Opening, Centenary (3c)---$0.20
United States12061962Higher Education Issue - Map of US and Lamp (4c)$0.20$0.20

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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