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Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for the topic 'Transportation - Airplane, Jets'. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

Transportation - Airplane, Jets
CountryScott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
Bhutan1671974Centenary of the UPU - Biplane and Jet (4ch)$0.20---
Cambodia7971987Early Aircraft Designs - Horatio F. Phillips, 1893 (20c)$0.50---
Cambodia7981987Early Aircraft Designs - John Stringfellow, 1848 (50c)$0.50---
Cambodia7991987Early Aircraft Designs - Thomas Moy, 1875 (80c)$0.50---
Cambodia8001987Early Aircraft Designs - Leonardo Da Vinci, 1490 (1r)$0.50---
Cambodia8011987Early Aircraft Designs - Sir George Cayley, 1840 (1.50r)$0.50---
Cambodia8021987Early Aircraft Designs - Sir Hiram Maxim, 1894 (2r)$0.50---
Cambodia8031987Early Aircraft Designs - William S. Henson, 1842 (3r)$0.50---
Cameroun6871981Cameroun Airlines, 10th Anniv. - Boeing 747 (200f)---$1.10
Canada3831959"Silver Dart" and Delta Wing Planes (5c)---$0.20
Canada4301964Jet at Ottawa Airport - Surcharged (8c on 7c)---$0.25
Canada9701982Airplanes - De Havilland Canada Beaver (30c)---$0.20
Canada11451987Air Canada 40th Anniv. (36c)---$0.20
CanadaC81942Planes and Student Flyers (7c)---$0.20
ChileC1361950Coast and Sunrise (40c)---$0.20
ChileC1581955Araucarian Pine and Plane (1p)---$0.20
ChileC1631951Mountain Lake and Plance (10p)---$0.20
ColombiaC4751965History of Columbian Aviation - De Havilland Biplane (60c)---$0.20
CubaC401948Airplane and Coast of Cuba (8c)---$0.30
CubaC1011954Plane and Evaporators (25c)---$0.20
CzechoslovakiaC221946Plane over Bratislava Castle (10k)---$0.25
CzechoslovakiaC241946Plane over Bratislava Castle (20k)---$0.70
Denmark3601956Ellehammer's Plane (30o)---$0.20
Denmark6961981Historic Planes - Ellehammer's 18-HP Biplane (1k)---$0.30
Denmark6981981Historic Planes - Bellanca J-300, 1931 (1.60k)---$0.20
EcuadorC101929Plane over River Guayas (10c)---$0.20
FinlandC81963Convair 440 over Lakes (decimal denomination) (0.45m)---$0.55
FinlandC91963Douglas DC-10 Over Winter Landscape (no 'mk' denom., 13 lines in 'O') (3m)---$0.25
Great Britain20482002Jet Aircraft - Airbus A340-600, 2002 (2nd)---$0.40
Great Britain20532002Jet Aircraft - Concorde, 1976 (die cut perf 14.5) (1st)---$2.50
HungaryC2631966Plane over Athens (50f)---$0.20
HungaryC4481988Aircraft - Lloyd CII (1fo)---$0.20
HungaryC4491988Aircraft - Brandenburg CI (2fo)---$0.20
Indonesia14891992Five-year Development Plan (300r)---$0.20
LiberiaC3C1936Waco Plane (3c)---$0.20
LiberiaC3D1936Waco Plane (4c)---$0.20
LiberiaC3E1936Waco Plane (5c)---$0.20
LiberiaC3F1936Waco Plane (6c)---$0.20
Maldive Islands4981974UPU - Zeppelin and Jet (3l)$0.20---
PhilippinesC841960Air Force Plane of 1935 and Saber Jet (20c)---$0.25
PolandC531976Comtemporary Aviation - Jantar Glider (5z)---$0.25
Portugal2991923Flight of Cabral and Coutinho from Portugal to Brazil (1c)$0.20---
Portugal3001923Flight of Cabral and Coutinho from Portugal to Brazil (2c)$0.20---
Portugal3041923Flight of Cabral and Coutinho from Portugal to Brazil (10c)$0.20---
San Marino5091962Historic Planes - Wright Plane, 1904 (1l)$0.20---
United StatesC1151985Transpacific Airmail (44c)---$0.25

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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