Let's Trade Stamps!

Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for Austria. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

Scott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
541890Franz Josef (granite paper) (5k)---$0.20
75A1901Franz Josef (varnish bars) (10h)---$0.20
1121908Joseph II (3h)---$0.20
1131908Franz Josef (5h)---$0.20
114A1908Leopold II (6h)---$0.85
1151908Franz Josef (10h)---$0.20
1481916Austrian Crown (10h)---$0.20
1551916Coat of Arms (50h)---$0.20
1571916Coat of Arms (80h)---$0.20
1581916Coat of Arms (90h)---$0.20
1591916Coat of Arms (1k)---$0.25
1601916Coat of Arms (2k)---$0.20
1681917Emperor Karl I (15h)---$0.20
1691917Emporer Karl I (dark green) (20h)---$0.20
169A1917Emperor Karl I (green) (20h)---$0.30
1721918Coat of Arms (2k)---$0.20
2041919Coat of Arms (10h)---$0.60
205A1919Coat of Arms (thick grayish paper) (10h)$0.20---
207A1919Post Horn (thick grayish paper) (15h)$0.20---
2081919Allegory of New Republic (20h)$0.20---
2101919Post Horn (25h)$0.20---
2111919Allegory of New Republic (30h)$0.20$0.20
2131919Allegory of New Republic (40h)$0.20---
2161919Post Horn (60h)$0.20---
2181919Coat of Arms (1k)---$0.20
2281920Coat of Arms (5h)$0.20---
2301920Coat of Arms (10h)$0.20---
2381920Coat of Arms (80h)$0.20---
2391920Coat of Arms (1k)---$0.20
2411920Coat of Arms (1.5k)$0.45---
2421920Coat of Arms (2k)$0.20---
2451920Coat of Arms (5k)---$0.20
2501922Symbols of Agriculture (.5k)$0.20---
2531922Symbols of Agriculture (2.5k)$0.20---
2551922Sybols of Labor and Industry (5k)$0.20---
2571922Sybols of Labor and Industry (10k)$0.20---
2581922Symbols of Agriculture (12.5k)$0.20---
2601922Symbols of Agriculture (20k)$0.20---
2611922Symbols of Agriculture (25k)$0.20---
2621922Sybols of Labor and Industry (30k)$0.20---
2641922Symbols of Labor and Industry (50k)---$0.20
2661922Sybols of Labor and Industry (75k)---$0.20
2681922Symbols of Agriculture (100k)---$0.20
2711922Symbols of Agriculture (160k)---$0.20
2731922Symbols of Agriculture (200k)$0.20$0.20
2741922Symbols of Agriculture (240k)---$0.20
2751922Symbols of Agriculture (300k)---$0.20
2761922Symbols of Agriculture (400k)---$0.20
2771922Symbols of Agriculture (500k)---$0.20
3031925Numeral (1g)---$0.20
3041925Numeral (2g)---$0.20
3061925Numeral (4g)---$0.20
3071925Numeral (5g)---$0.20
3081925Numeral (6g)---$0.20
3111925Fields Crossed by Telegraph Wires (10g)---$0.20
3131925Fields Crossed by Telegraph Wires (15g)---$0.20
3191925White-Shouldered Eagle (40g)---$0.20
3411932Traunsee (12g)---$0.20
3431932Durnstein (20g)---$0.20
3541934Costumes of Various Districts - Burgenland (1g)$0.20---
3551934Costumes - Burgenland (3g)---$0.20
3571934Costumes - Carinthia (5g)---$0.20
3601934Costumes - Upper Austria (12g)---$0.20
3621934Austrian Costumes - Salzburg (24g)---$0.20
4581945Hohensalzburg, Salzburg Province (6g)---$0.20
4611945Wolfgang See, near Salzburg (12g)---$0.20
4671945Neusiedler Lake, Burgenland (30g)---$0.20
4741945Railroad Viaducts near Semmering (60g)---$0.20
5061947Mariazeil, Styria (40g)---$0.20
5141947Heiligenblut, Carinthia (3s)---$1.40
5221948Austrian Costumes - Syria (10g)---$0.20
5241948Austrian Costumes - Vorarlberg, Montafon Valley (20g)---$0.20
5271948Austrian Costumes - Salzburg, Pongau (30g)---$0.20
5291948Austrian Costumes - Vienna, 1840 (40g)---$0.20
5311948Austrian Costumes - Vorarlberg, Bregenzer Forest (50g)---$0.20
5321948Austrian Costumes - Carinthia (60g)---$0.20
5351948Austrian Costumes - Styria, Enns Valley (80g)---$0.20
5391948Austrian Costumes - Tyrol, Puster Valley (1s)---$0.20
5431948Austrian Costumes - Vienna 1853 (1.50s)---$0.20
5451948Austrian Costumes - East Tyrol, Kals (1.7s)---$0.55
5461948Austrian Costumes - Upper Austria (2s)---$0.20
5471948Austrian Costumes - Ischl, 1820 (2.2s)---$0.20
5481948Austrian Costumes - Kitzbuhel (2.40s)---$0.20
5511948Austrian Costumes - Burgenland (3s)---$0.20
5541948Austrian Costumes - Ziller Valley (5s)---$0.20
5551948Austrian Costumes - Steiermark, Sulm Valley (7s)---$2.25
618A1957Farmhouse at Morbisch (20g)---$0.20
6191959Buildings - Helligenstadt (50g)---$0.20
6211957Mariazell (1s)---$0.20
6221959Buildings - Mariazell (lithographed) (1s)---$0.20
6231958Buildings - Rabenhof Building (1.50s)---$0.20
6241957The Mint, Hall, Tyrol (1.8s)---$0.20
6251957Christkindl Church (2s)---$0.20
6271960Vienna Gate, Hainburg (4s)---$0.20
6291960County Seat - Graz (6s)---$0.20
6881962City Hall, Vienna (30g)---$0.20
6911962Buildings - Residenz Fountain, Salzburg (70g)---$0.20
6921962Buildings - Old farmhouse, Pinzgau (80g)---$0.20
6931962Romanesque columns, Millstatt Abbey (1s)---$0.20
6951967Buildings - Schatten Castle, Feldkirch, Vorarlberg (1.3s)---$0.20
6961962Buildings - Dragon Fountain, Klagenfurt (2s)---$0.20
6971962Beethoven House, Vienna (2.2s)---$0.20
6991962Buildings - Swiss Gate, Vienna (3s)---$0.20
7001962Buildings - Esterhazy Palace, Eisenstadt (3.5s)---$0.20
7011962Buildings - City Hall, Steyr (8s)---$0.30
9481973Gate, Vienna Hofburg, and ISI Emblem (2s)---$0.25
9581973Farmhouses, Zillertal, Tirol (50g)---$0.20
9591973Kahlenbergerdorf (1s)---$0.20
9601973Bludenz, Vorarlberg (1.5s)---$0.20
9611973Inn Bridge, Alt Finstermunz (2s)---$0.20
9621973Murau, Styria (2.5s)---$0.20
9631973Bischofsmutze, Salzburg (3s)---$0.20
963A1973Easter Church, Oberwart (3.5s)---$0.25
9641973Almsee, Upper Austria (4s)---$0.20
9651973Windmill, Retz (4.5s)---$0.20
9661973Aggstein Castle, Lower Austria (5s)---$0.20
9671973Lindauer Hut, Voralberg (6s)---$0.20
9681973Holy Cross Church, Villach, Carinthia (6.5s)---$0.30
9691973Falkenstein Castle, Carinthia (7s)---$0.20
9701973Hohensalzburg (7.5s)---$0.35
9711973Votive column, Reiteregg, Styria (8s)---$0.30
9721973Lake Neusiedl, Burgenland (10s)---$0.20
9731973Old Town, Enns (11s)---$0.35
9741973Openair Museum, Bad Tatzmannsdorf (16s)---$0.45
9751973Myra waterfalls (20s)---$0.50
12851984Monasteries and Abbeys - Geras Monastery (3.50 s)---$0.20
12881984Monasteries and Abbeys - St. Paul Levanttal (5s)---$0.20
1288A1984Monasteries and Abbeys - Rein-Hohenfurth (6s)---$0.20
14661989Bendictine Monastery, Michalbeuern (2s)---$0.20
16011993Stained Glass, Mariastern-Gwiggen Monastery (6s)---$0.20
16031993Cupola Fresco, Monastery of Altenburg (7.50s)---$0.55
17181997Stories and Legends - The Cruel Lady of Forchtenstein Castle, Burgenland (7s)---$0.95
18732002Austrian Scenes - Ship in Lake Constance (75c)---$1.40
19512004Franz Cardinal Konig (1e)---$1.90
B51915Siege Gun (10h + 2h)$0.20---
J821920Postage Due (50h)$0.20---
J861920Postage Due (2k)$0.20---
J881920Postage Due (4k)$0.20---
J1031922Postage Due (1k)$0.20---
J1081922Postage Due (10k)$0.20---
J1121922Postage Due (40k)$0.20---
J1451925Postage Due (20g)---$0.20
J2011946Occupation Stamps - Overprinted (1s)---$0.40
J2021946Occupation Stamps - Overprinted (2s)---$0.40
J2041947Postage Due (1g)$0.20---
J2321949Postage Due (1g)---$0.20
J2421949Postage Due (60g)---$0.20
P291920Newspaper Stamp - Mercury (2h)$0.20---
P311920Newspaper Stamp - Mercury (5h)$0.20---
P321920Newspaper Stamp - Mercury (6h)$0.20---
P331920Newspaper Stamp - Mercury (8h)$0.20---
P341920Newspaper Stamp - Mercury (9h)$0.20---
P351920Newspaper Stamp - Mercury (10h)$0.20---
P381920Newspaper Stamp - Mercury (18h)$0.20---
P401920Newspaper Stamp - Mercury (30h)$0.20---
P421920Newspaper Stamp - Mercury (60h)$0.20---
P441920Newspaper Stamp - Mercury (90h)$0.20---
P481921Newspaper Stamp - Mercury (45h)$0.20---
P491921Newspaper Stamp - Mercury (75h)$0.20---
P501921Newspaper Stamp - Mercury (1.5k)$0.20---
P541921Newspaper Stamp - Mercury (6k)$0.20---

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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