Let's Trade Stamps!

Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for Finland. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

Scott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
391889Coat of Arms (green, perf 12.5) (5p)---$0.20
40A1889Coat of Arms (rose, perf 12.5) (10p)---$0.55
411889Coat of Arms (orange, perf 12.5) (20p)---$0.30
721901Imperial Arms of Russian (redrawn, carmine, perf 14) (10p)---$0.20
831917Arms of the Republic (green) (5p)---$0.20
981917Arms of the Republic (green) (50p)---$0.20
1011917Arms of the Republic (1m)---$0.20
1061917Arms of the Republic (blue & black) (3m)---$0.20
1071917Arms of the Republic (red violet & black) (5m)---$0.20
1191919Arms of the Republic (surcharged) (10p on 5p)---$0.35
1331925Arms of the Republic (red violet, swastika wmk) (60p)$0.20---
1351925Arms of the Republic (multi swastika wmk) (1.5m)---$0.20
1361925Arms of the Republic (dark blue & indigo, swastika wmk) (2m)---$0.20
1441927Arms of the Republic (blue green, posthorn wmk) (40p)---$0.20
1471927Arms of the Republic (blue green & red violet, posthorn wmk) (1.5m)---$0.20
1611930Arms of Finland (25p)$0.20---
1641930Arms of Finland (blue green) (50p)---$0.20
1661930Arms of Finland (red orange) (1m)---$0.20
166B1930Arms of Finland (yellow green) (1m)---$0.20
1701930Arms of Finland (carmine) (1.5m)---$0.20
170A1930Arms of Finland (slate gray) (1.5m)---$0.20
1721930Arms of Finland (deep violet) (2m)---$0.20
1731930Arms of Finland (carmine) (2m)---$0.20
176A1930Arms of Finland (olive) (3.5m)---$0.20
176B1930Arms of Finland (olive) (4m)---$0.20
176D1930Arms of Finland (sapphire) (5m)---$0.20
176G1930Arms of Finland (carmine) (6m)---$0.20
176H1930Arms of Finland (purple) (8m)---$0.20
1791930Woodchopper (25m)---$0.20
219A1939Post Office, Helsinki (7m)---$0.20
219B1939Post Office, Helsinki (9m)---$0.20
2391942Hame Bridge, Tampere (50m)---$0.20
2471945Castle in Savonlinna (15m)---$0.20
2481945Post Office, Helsinki (20m)---$0.20
2571947Arms of Finland (dark green) (2.5m)---$0.20
2591947Arms of Finland (deep orange) (6m)---$0.30
2601947Arms of Finland (carmine) (7m)---$0.20
2621947Arms of Finland (deep blue) (12m)---$0.20
2721948Arms of Finland (carmine) (9m)---$0.20
2801949Castle on Savonlinna (35m)---$0.20
2931950Arms of Finland (violet brown) (10m)---$0.20
2961950Arms of Finland (deep blue) (20m)---$0.20
3021952Arms of Finland (emerald) (10m)---$0.20
3031952Arms of Finland (red) (15m)---$0.20
3041952Arms of Finland (blue) (25m)---$0.20
3141954Arms of Finland (3m)---$0.20
3151954Arms of Finland (5m)---$0.20
3161954Arms of Finland (10m)---$0.20
3171954Arms of Finland (rose red) (15m)---$0.20
3201954Arms of Finland (rose red) (20m)---$0.20
3211954Arms of Finland (deep blue) (25m)---$0.20
3231954Arms of Finland (30m)---$0.20
3361956Church at Lammi (30m)---$0.20
3381956Chuch at Lammi (50m)---$0.20
3801961Lake and Rowboat (5m)---$0.20
3981963Arms of Finland (violet blue) (5p)---$0.20
4001963Arms of Finland (10p)---$0.20
4011963Arms of Finland (15p)---$0.20
4021963Arms of Finland (20p)---$0.20
4051963Arms of Finland (35p)---$0.20
405A1963Arms of Finland (ultra) (40p)---$0.20
4071963Building (.50m)---$0.20
408A1963Fortress of Olavinlinna (65p)---$0.20
4101963South Harbor, Helsinki (1.00m)---$0.20
4121963Log Rolling (1.50m)---$0.20
4141963Farm on Lake Shore (2m)---$0.20
4431966UNICEF Activities (15p)---$0.30
4461967Mannerheim Monument by Aimo Tukiainen (40p)---$0.30
4471967Finnish Settlers in Sweden - Double Mortise Corner (40p)---$0.30
4491967Martin Luther, by Lucas Cranach (40p)---$0.30
452196750th Anniv. Of Finnish Indep. - Ear of Wheat (40p)---$0.30
467A1968Market Place and Mermaid Fountain, Helsinki (80p)---$0.20
4691968Helsinki Railroad Station (1.30m)---$0.20
470A1968Finnish Arms from Grave of King Gustav Vasa, 1581 (20m)---$0.75
4721968Finnish National Defense - War Memorial, Nietaniemi Cemetery (25p)---$0.35
5551975Coat of Arms (perf 11.5) (10p)---$0.20
5561975Coat of Arms (olive, perf 11.5) (20p)---$0.20
5591975Coat of Arms (perf 11.5) (50p)---$0.20
5611975Coat of Arms (70p)---$0.20
5661975Wood-carved High Drinking Bowl, 1542 (1.50m)---$0.20
5701975Kirvu Weather Vane (5m)---$0.20
6591981Int'l. Year of the Disabled (1.10m)---$0.25
6611981Christmas 1981 - Decorating Tree (1.10m)---$0.30
6761983Nordic Cooperation - Kitkajoki River Rapids (1.30m)---$0.25
7441986Christmas - Angels (denom on left) (1.30m)---$0.30
7471987Postal Saving Bank, Centennial (1.70m)---$0.40
7561987Modern Architecture (Europa) - Tampere Main Library, 1986 (1.70m)---$0.25
7621987Arvo Yippo, Child, and Lastenlinna Children's Hospital (1.70m)---$0.25
7631987Christmas - Santa Claus with Children (1.40m)---$0.20
7751988Missale Aboense, the 1st Printed Book in Finland, 500th Anniv. (1.80m)---$0.25
7851989Hameenlinna Township, 350th Anniv. (1.90m)---$0.25
7871989Salvation Army in Finland, Cent. (1.90m)---$0.25
789198931st Intl. Physiology Congress, Basel (1.90m)---$0.25
7951989Europa - Hopscotch (1.90m)---$0.25
7971989Nordic Costumes - Sakyla (man) (1.90m)---$0.25
7991989Finnish Pharmacies, 300th Anniv. (1.90m)---$0.25
8001989Savonlinna Municipal Charter, 350th Anniv. (1.90m)---$0.25
8011989Helsinki Zoo, Centennial - Panthera uncia (1.90m)---$0.25
8891992National Board of Agriculture, Cent. - Currant Harvesting (2.10m)---$0.25
9791995Christmas - Santa on Skates (2m)---$0.20
9801995Christmas - Poinsettias (2.80m)---$0.60
10411997Tango ((1))---$0.25
10661998Native Wildlife - Turdus Merula ((1))---$0.25
11001999Native Wildlife - Luscinia svecica ((1))---$0.25
11171999Christmas - Santa Claus and Sleigh (2.50m)---$0.20
11191999Christmas - Rabbits, Birds (3.50m)---$0.60
B981949Flowers - Wood Anemone (5m + 2m)$0.40---
B991949Flowers - Wild Rose (9m + 3m)$0.45---
B1001949Flowers - Coltsfoot (15m + 5m)$0.55---
C81963Convair 440 over Lakes (decimal denomination) (0.45m)---$0.55
C91963Douglas DC-10 Over Winter Landscape (no 'mk' denom., 13 lines in 'O') (3m)---$0.25
M61944Post Horn and Sword (green) ((2m))$0.20---

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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