Let's Trade Stamps!

Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for Cuba. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

Scott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
1451891King Alphonso XIII (emerald green) (5c)$0.85---
1461896King Alphonso XIII (slate blue) (5c)$0.45$0.20
3561939Ciboney Indian and Cigar (1c)---$0.20
3571939Cigar and Globe (2c)---$0.20
5201954Maximo Gomez (2c)---$0.20
24841982Exports - Sugar Processing Plant (3c)---$0.20
24861982Exports - Canned Fruits (6c)---$0.20
24891982Exports - Rum (9c)---$0.20
24901982Exports - Coffee (10c)---$0.20
24911982Exports - Fresh fruit (30c)---$0.20
24921982Exports - Tobacco (50c)---$0.20
24931982Exports - Cement (1p)---$0.20
26601983Flowers - Azucena (Lily) (70c)---$0.00
26611983Flowers - Mariposa (80c)---$0.00
C401948Airplane and Coast of Cuba (8c)---$0.30
C1011954Plane and Evaporators (25c)---$0.20
RA161952Communications Building (1c)---$0.20

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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