Let's Trade Stamps!

Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for Poland. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

Scott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
1691921Coat of Arms (500m)---$0.20
2321925Wawel Castle at Cracow (lines in sky touch numerals) (15g)---$0.20
3721945Ancient High Gate, Gdansk (5z)---$0.25
4631949Congress of the People's Movement for Unity (35z)---$0.40
4781950President Boleslaw Bierut (no frame) (5z)---$0.20
4791950President Boleslaw Bierut (no frame) (10z)---$0.20
4901950President Boleslaw Bierut (no frame) (5g)---$0.20
4911950President Boleslaw Bierut (no frame) (10g)---$0.20
4921950President Boleslaw Bierut (no frame) (15g)---$0.20
5021951Steel Mill, Nowa Huta (40g)---$0.20
5031951Steel Mill, Nowa Huta (45g)---$0.20
5041951Steel Mill, Nowa Huta (60g)---$0.20
5081950Poland's 6-Year Plan; Polish Workers (75g)---$0.20
5101950Poland's 6-Year Plan; Polish Workers (dark red) (1.20z)---$0.20
5111951First Science Congress - Stanislaw Staszyk (25g)$1.90---
5121951First Science Congress - Marie Sklodowska Curie (40g)$0.25---
5151951First Science Congress - Nicolaus Copernicus (1.15z)$1.90---
5161951First Science Congress - Congress Emblem (1.20z)$1.40---
516X1951First Science Congress - Set of 6, MNH (various)$16.00---
520X19517th Anniv. Of Polish People's Republic; Pres. Boleslaw Bierut - Set of 3, MNH (45g, 60g, 90g)$19.00---
5311951Poland's 6-Year Plan - Coal Mining (90g)---$0.20
5321951Poland's 6-Year Plan - Apartment House Construction (1.15z)---$0.20
5331951Poland's 6-Year Plan - Coal Mining (1.20z)$0.40---
5501952Concrete Works, Wierzbica (10z)---$0.25
5601952Reconstruction of Gdansk Shipyards (5g)---$0.20
5781953Birth Anniv. Of Nicolaus Copernicus, Astronomer (20g)---$0.50
6611954Fauna - European Elk (60g)---$0.20
6681955Warsaw Monuments - Mermaid (5g)---$0.20
7751957Doctors - Benedykt Dybowski (2.50z)---$0.20
8071958Town Halls - Tarnow (60g)---$0.20
9091960Centenary of Polish Stamps - 1860 (40g)---$0.20
9101960Centenary of Polish Stamps - 1939 (60g)---$0.20
9291960Carvings by Veit Stoss - The Ascension (2.50z)---$0.20
9561960Historic Towns - Slupsk (1z)---$0.20
9611960Historic Towns - Kolobrzeg (2z)---$0.20
9631960Historic Towns - Katowice (2.50z)---$0.20
12101964Ancient Ships - Line Ship (white paper) (2.10z)---$0.20
12111964Ancient Ships - Frigate (white paper) (2.50z)---$0.20
12711964Stagecoach by Brodowski (light brown) (60g)---$0.20
13361965Tombstone of Last Duke of Mazovia (20g)---$0.20
13381965Barbican, Gothic-Renaissance Castle (60g)---$0.20
13391965Arsenal, 19th Century (1.50z)---$0.20
13481965Orchids - Lycaste skinneri (40g)---$0.20
14311966Flowers - Poinsettia (20g)---$0.20
14401966Tourism - Lighthouse, Hel (20g)---$0.20
14411966Tourism - Amethyst Yacht on Masurian Lake (40g)---$0.20
14421966Tourism - Poniatowski Bridge and Sailboat (reddish brown) (60g)---$0.20
14431966Tourism - Mining Academy, Kielce (black) (60g)---$0.20
14471966Tourism - M.S. Batory and Globe (2z)---$0.20
16191968Paintings - "Pursuit" (fighter planes) by Kulisiewicz (light blue, greenish blue, black) (60g)---$0.20
19201972Old Town Hall, 18th Century (surcharged) (90g on 40g)---$0.20
2050197419th Intl. Horticultural Congress - Black Currants (90g)---$0.20
20701974Designs from 16th Century Woodcuts - Angler (1z)---$0.20
20711974Designs from 16th Century Woodcuts - Hunter with Bow and Arrow (1.5z)---$0.20
233619796th Congress of Assoc. of Fighters for Liberty and Democracy (1.50z)---$0.20
23961980Malachowski Lyceum, 800th Anniv. (2z)---$0.20
24031980Sandomierz Millenium (2.50z)---$0.20
24411981Cities - Wroclaw, 1493 (6.50z)---$0.25
24581981Cities - Legnica, 1744 (6z)---$0.25
24831981Working Movement Leaders - Bronislaw Wesolowski (50g)---$0.20
24841981Working Movement Leaders - Malgorzata Fornalska (2z)---$0.20
24851981Working Movement Leaders - Maria Koszutska (2.50z)---$0.20
25261982Cities - Wroclaw, 1493 (surcharged) (10z on 6.50z)---$0.20
25331982Worker's Activists - Marian Buczek (15z)---$0.30
27441986Wawel Heads - Man's Head (200z)---$1.75
27951987Gen. Karol Swierczewski-Walter (15z)---$0.20
32781996Signs of the Zodiac - Pisces (10g)---$0.20
32791996Signs of the Zodiac - Taurus (20g)---$0.20
32811996Signs of the Zodiac - Cancer (30g)---$0.20
32851996Signs of the Zodiac - Aries (70g)---$0.30
32861996Signs of the Zodiac - Scorpio (1z)---$0.50
32871996Signs of the Zodiac - Sagittarius (2z)---$0.95
33861998Country Estates - Oblegorku (55g)---$0.20
33881998Country Estates - Bronowicach (65g)---$0.20
34641999Country Estates - Krzeslawicach (1z)---$0.50
34901999Christmas Angels (1.40z)---$0.45
35022000Easter - Resurrected Christ (80g)---$0.25
35222000Pope John Paul II, 80th Birthday - Pope's Silver Cross (1.55z)---$0.45
35622000Scenes from the Life of Jesus (Christmas) - Ascension (1.55z)---$0.35
B691951Poland's 6-Year Plan - Electrical Installation (45g + 15g)---$0.30
B69A1952Poland's 6-Year Plan - - Coal Mining (1.20z + 15g)---$0.25
C301952Industrialization - Warsaw (1.40z)---$0.20
C471957Plane over Ruins of Liwa Castle (10z)---$0.25
C531976Comtemporary Aviation - Jantar Glider (5z)---$0.25
C541976Comtemporary Aviation - Mi6 Transport Helicopter (10z)---$0.50

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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