Let's Trade Stamps!

Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for Great Britain. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

Great Britain
Scott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
14411992Alfred Lord Tennyson, Death Cent. (24p)---$0.55
14451992Castles - Carrickfergus Castle ($1)---$0.80
14461992Castles - Caernarfon Castle ($1.50)---$1.10
14681992Stained Glass Windows - Angel Gabriel (18p)---$0.45
14691992Stained Glass Windows - Madonna and Child (24p)---$0.55
15281993"A Christmas Carol" - Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit (19p)---$0.35
15811994School Children Portraying Christmas Characters - Mary, Joseph, Jesus (19p)---$0.40
15821994School Children Portraying Christmas Characters - Magi (25p)---$0.45
15861994Cats - Black Cat (19p)---$0.35
16341995Robin in Winter Scene - In Pillar Box (19p)---$0.35
16351995Robin in Winter Scene - On Fence Rail (25p)---$0.40
16641996Legendary Soccer Players - Bobby Moore (25p)---$0.40
17081996Christmas - Three Kings, Star (2nd)---$0.30
17091996Christmas - The Annunciation (1st)---$0.35
17151997Flowers - Camellia Japonica (1st)---$0.75
17301997St. Augustine of Canterbury and St. Columba of Iona (26p)---$0.50
17541997Stories and Legends (Europa) - Dracula (26p)---$0.55
17761997Christmas Crackers - Santa as Man in the Moon (2nd)---$0.30
17951998Diana, Princess of Wales - Black Dress (26p)---$0.65
18261998Notting Hill Carnival Photos - Blue Costumes (26p)---$0.70
18291998Land Speed Records - Bluebird, Sir Malcolm Campbell, 1925 (20p)---$0.35
18341998Christmas Angels - Open Hands (20p)---$0.35
18351998Christmas Angels - Praying (26p)---$0.50
18381998Christmas Angels - Praying (63p)---$1.60
18401999British Achievements: Inventions - Steam Power (26p)---$0.80
18441999British Achievements: Transportation - Development of Bicycle (26p)---$0.80
18551999British Achievements: Workers - Weavers (19p)---$0.40
18561999British Achievements: Workers - Mill Towns (26p)---$0.80
18631999British Achievements: Citizen's Rights - Equal Rights (19p)---$0.40
18671999British Achievements: Scientists - Decoding DNA (19p)---$0.40
18711999British Achievements: Farmers - Strip Farming (Europa) (19p)---$0.40
18751999British Achievements: Soldiers - Battle of Bannockburn (19p)---$0.40
18761999British Achievements: Soldiers - Civil War (26p)---$0.80
18791999British Achievements: Christians - John Wesley and "Hark the Herald Angels" (19p)---$0.40
18801999British Achievements: Christians - King James Bible (26p)---$0.80
18871999Marriage of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones (26p)---$0.80
19032000Millenium Projects: Life and Earth - Ants, Web of Life Exhibit (1st)---$0.80
19102000Millenium Projects: People and Place - Millenium Greens Project (2nd)---$0.40
19112000Millenium Projects: People and Place - Gatehead Bridge (1st)---$0.80
19142000Millenium Projects: Stone and Soil - Raising of Strangford Stone (2nd)---$0.40
19192000Millenium Projects: Tree and Leaf - Eden Project (1st)---$0.80
19222000Millenium Projects: Mind and Matter - Ant's Head (2nd)---$0.40
19302000Millenium Projects: Spirit and Faith - Stained Glass Window, St. Edmundsbury Cathedral (2nd)---$0.40
19312000Millenium Projects: Spirit and Faith - Church Floodlighting (1st)---$0.80
19322000Millenium Projects: Spirit and Faith - St. Patrick Centre, Downpatrick (45p)---$1.25
19442001Painted Faces of Children - Flower (2nd)---$0.40
19452001Painted Faces of Children - Tiger (1st)---$0.80
19632001Weather - Rain (19p)---$0.40
19672001Submarines - Vanguard Class, 1992 (2nd)---$0.40
19812001Europa - Frog (1st)---$0.55
19932001Nobel Prizes, Cent. - Carbon 60 Molecule, Chemistry (2nd)---$0.40
19942001Nobel Prizes, Cent. - Globe, Economics (1st)---$0.55
20022001Christmas Robins - Snowman (2nd)---$0.40
20032001Christmas Robins - Birdhouse (1st)---$0.55
20172002Photos of Queen Elizabeth II - Dorothy Wilding, 1952 (2nd)---$0.40
20182002Photos of Queen Elizabeth II - Cecil Beaton, 1968 (1st)---$0.80
20402002Circus - Lion Tamer (Europa) (1st)---$0.80
20442002Queen Mother - 1990 Photo (1st)---$0.80
20482002Jet Aircraft - Airbus A340-600, 2002 (2nd)---$0.40
20532002Jet Aircraft - Concorde, 1976 (die cut perf 14.5) (1st)---$2.50
205420022002 World Cup Soccer Championships - Emblem (1st)---$1.25
2059200217th Commonwealth Games - Swimming (2nd)---$0.30
2060200217th Commonwealth Games - Running (1st)---$0.45
20702002Thames River Bridges - Tower Bridge (1st)---$0.45
MH701967Machin (perf 15x14, "0" is thin at upper left, lower right, light orange brown) (10p)---$0.30
MH741970Machin (perf 15x14) (11p)---$0.20
MH801970Machin (perf 15x14, thin and narrow numerals, light emerald) (12.5p)---$0.25
MH911970Machin (perf 15x14, bright blue) (15p)---$0.25
MH941970Machin (perf 15x14) (16p)---$0.65
MH1021970Machin (perf 15x14, olive green) (18p)---$0.70
MH1061970Machin (perf 15x14, bright orange) (19p)---$0.35
MH2081993Machin (sync. perf 15x14, photo) (19p)---$0.75
MH2501997Machin (redrawn, sync. perf 15x14) (10p)---$0.20
MH2541997Machin (redrawn, sync. perf 15x14) (19p)---$0.30
MH2841997Machin (redrawn, sync. perf 15x14) (2nd)---$0.30
MH2881997Machin (redrawn, sync. perf 15x14, orange red) (1st)---$0.40
MH3352000Machin (redrawn, sync. perf 14.75x14, olive green) (1st)---$0.45

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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