Let's Trade Stamps!

Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for Sweden. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

Scott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
561891King Oscar II (profile, crown wmk, yellow green) (5o)---$0.20
581891King Oscar II (profile, crown wmk) (10o)---$0.20
831910King Gustaf V (frontal view) (20o)---$0.20
1481920Crown and Post Horn (no wmk) (60o)---$0.20
1551920Crown and Post Horn (no wmk) (115o)---$0.40
1751925King Gustav V (no wmk, perf 10 vert, dark blue) (25o)---$0.20
2691938Settlement of Wilmington, Del., 300th Anniv. - Ship "Kalmar Nyckel" (perf 12.5 vert.) (15o)---$0.20
2801939King Gustaf V (perf 12.5 vert, numerals 5mm tall) (10o)---$0.20
3271941St. Bridget of Sweden (perf 12.5 horiz) (15o)---$0.20
3841947Erik Gustaf Geijer, Death Centenary (perf 12.5 vert) (90o)---$0.25
4061949Birth Cent. Of August Strindberg, Author and Playwright (perf 12.5 vert) (80o)---$0.45
4681954Rock Carvings (50o)---$0.20
52419586th World Soccer Championships (perf 12.5 vert) (15o)---$0.20
5331958Selma Lagerlof, Writer (perf 12.5 horiz.) (30o)---$0.20
5581960Voluntary Shooting Org., Cent. - Target Shooting (perf 12.5 on 3 sides) (15o)$0.35---
5591960Gustaf Froding, Poet (perf 12.5 horiz) (30o)---$0.20
5621960Europa (19 Spoke Wheel) (40o)---$0.20
5701961Numeral (green, perf 12.5 vert) (15o)---$0.20
5711961Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 vert, red) (15o)---$0.20
5721961Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 vert, gray) (20o)---$0.20
5731961Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 vert, brown) (25o)---$0.20
5741961Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 vert, ultra) (30o)---$0.20
5751962Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 vert, lilac) (30o)---$0.20
5761961Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 vert, lilac) (35o)---$0.20
5771962Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 vert, ultra) (35o)---$0.20
5781962Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 vert, emerald) (40o)---$0.20
5831961Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 on 3 sides, brown) (25o)---$0.20
5861961Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 on 3 sides, ultra) (35o)---$0.20
600196117th Century Printer and Student in Library (perf 12.5 vert) (20o)---$0.30
6051961Nobel Prize Winners, 1901 - Roentgen, Prudhomme, von Behring, van't Hoff (perf 12.5 vert) (50o)---$0.20
6201963Ice Hockey World Championships (perf 12.5 horiz) (25o)---$0.20
6231963Freedom from Hunger Campaign (perf 12.5 vert) (35o)---$0.20
6251963Freedom From Hunger (perf 12.5 on 3 sides) (35o)---$0.35
6341963Hammarby, Home of Carl von Linne (perf 12.5 vert) (20o)---$0.20
6481964Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 vert, gray) (35o)---$0.20
6491964Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 vert, ultra) (40o)---$0.20
6511964Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 vert, violet blue) (45o)---$0.20
652A1964Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 vert, dark red) (55o)---$0.20
653A1964Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 vert, dull green) (65o)---$0.20
6541964Gustaf VI Adolf (letters in white, perf 12.5 vert, lilac rose) (70o)---$0.20
6591964Three Crowns (perf 12.5 vert, deep carmine) (2k)---$0.20
6601964Three Crowns (2.30k)---$0.20
6651964Ship Grave, Skane (perf 12.5 vert) (3.50k)---$0.20
6781965Visby Town Wall (perf 12.5 horiz) (2k)---$0.35
6861965Frederika Bremer, Novelist (perf 12.5 vert) (25o)---$0.20
6941966Nathan Soderblom, Protestant Theologian, 1930 Nobel Peace Prize Winner (perf 12.5 horiz) (80o)---$0.20
7011966Baron Louis Gerhard De Geer (perf 12.5 vert) (40o)---$0.20
7041966Drottningham Court Theater, 200th Anniv. (perf 12.5 on 3 sides) (5o)$0.20---
7141967World Field Ball Championships (perf 12.5 horiz) (45o)---$0.20
7171967European Free Trade Assoc. Emblem (perf 12.5 horiz.) (70o)---$0.40
7191967"The Fjeld," by Lundbohm (perf 12.5 vert) (35o)---$0.20
7201967Lion Fortress, Gothenburg (3.70k)$1.60$0.20
7211967Uppsala Cathedral (4.50k)---$0.20
7241967World Table Tennis Championships (perf 12.5 horiz) (35o)---$0.20
7351967Right-Hand Driving Seen Through Windshield (perf 12.5 horiz.) (35o)---$0.45
7361967Right-Hand Driving Seen Through Windshield (perf 12.5 horiz.) (45o)---$0.20
7371967Postrider (perf 12.5 on 2 sides) (5o)---$0.20
7391967The Prodigal Son, 13th Cent., Rada Church (perf 12.5 on 2 sides) (15o)---$0.20
7401967St. Stephen as a Boy Tending Horses, Medallion (perf 12.5 on 2 sides) (20o)---$0.20
7431967Rocky Isles in Bloom, by Lindberg (perf 12.5 on 2 sides) (30o)---$0.20
7471967Horse-Drawn Timber Sled (60o)---$0.20
747A1967Nils Holgersson Riding Wild Goose (perf 12.5 on 2 sides) (65o)---$0.20
7481967Windmills, Olana Island (perf 12.5 on 2 sides) (75o)---$0.20
7501967Elk (perf 12.5 vert) (90o)---$0.20
7541971Windmills, Olana Island (4k)---$0.20
755A1967Gustavus Vasa's Silver Daler (perf 12.5 on 2 sides) (6k)---$0.20
7571967Merchant Vessel in Oresund, 1661 (perf 12.5 on 3 sides) (10o)---$0.20
7621971Nils Holgersson Riding Wild Goose (perf 12.5 on 3 sides) (65o)$0.40---
7631967Windmills, Olana Island (perf 12.5 on 3 sides) (75o)---$0.20
7651967King Gustaf VI Adolf (perf. 12.5 horiz) (45o)---$0.20
7671967King Gustaf VI Adolf (perf. 12.5 on 3 sides) (45o)---$0.25
7731968Franz Berwald, Violin and Music (perf 12.5 horiz) (35o)---$0.20
7881968World Council of Churches' Emblem (perf 12.5 horiz.) (90o)---$0.50
8201969Albert Engstrom, Self-portrait (perf 12.5 on 3 sides) (55o)---$0.30
8251969Warship Wasa, 1628 - Carved Man's Head in Profile (55o)$0.30---
8261969Warship Wasa, 1628 - Crowned Lion (55o)---$0.20
8291969Warship Wasa, 1628 - Man's Head, Woodcarving (55o)---$0.20
8321969Bo Bergman, Poet (perf 12.5 vert) (55o)---$0.20
8331969Hjalmar Soderberg, Writer (perf 12.5 on 3 sides) (45o)$0.35---
8361969300th Anniv. Of Swedish Lighthouses (55o)---$0.20
8681970Swedish Trade and Industry - Miner (perf 12.5 vert) (1k)---$0.30
941197218th Cent. Swedish Art - Anchor Forge, by Hillestrom (75o)---$0.40
9541972Horse (perf 12.5 horiz/vert) (5o)---$0.20
9621973Viking Ship (perf 12.5 on 3 sides) (10o)---$0.20
10031973Nordic House, Reykjavik (75o)---$0.20
10041973Nordic House, Reykjavik (1k)---$0.20
10251973Christmas 1973 - Charles XIV John (75o)---$0.20
10401974Street in Ystad (75o)---$0.20
10681974King Carl XVI Gustaf (perf 12.5 vert) (75o)---$0.20
10701974King Carl XVI Gustaf (perf 12.5 vert) (1k)---$0.20
10711975King Carl XVI Gustaf (perf 12.5 vert) (1.10k)---$0.20
10721974King Carl XVI Gustaf (perf 12.5 vert) (1.30k)---$0.20
10781974King Carl XVI Gustaf (perf 12.5 on 3 sides) (90o)---$0.20
10811974King Carl XVI Gustaf (perf 12.5 on 3 sides) (1.30k)$0.40---
10821974King Carl XVI Gustaf (perf 12.5 on 3 sides) (1.50k)---$0.20
10861974Cent. Of UPU - Mailman, Northernmost Rural Delivery Route (1k)---$0.20
11021974Dear, Quilt from Hog Church (75o)---$0.20
11171975Europa - "New Year's Eve at Skansen" by Hallstrom (90o)---$0.20
11201975Rok Stone, 9th Century (2k)---$0.20
11401975Old Man Playing Key Fiddle (75o)---$0.20
11411975Romeo and Juliet Ballet (7k)---$0.20
11431975Virgin Mary, 12th Cent. Statue (perf 14 horiz) (55o)---$0.20
11521976Cave of the Winds, by Grate (1.90k)---$0.20
11541976Bobbin Lace Maker from Vadstena (perf 12.5 horiz.) (1k)---$0.30
11591976Europa - Lapp Elk Horn Spoon (1k)---$0.20
11751976Drinking Horn, 14th Century (30o)---$0.20
11771976Girl's Head, by Hjorth (9k)---$0.25
11881976Christmas - Virgin Mary Visiting St. Elizabeth (perf 12.5 horiz) (1k)---$0.20
12141977Gotland Ponies (1.40k)$0.55---
12251977Traditional Christmas Preparations - Putting Up Sheaf for Birds (75o)---$0.20
12261977Traditional Christmas Preparations - Preparing Dried Soaked Fish (1.10k)---$0.20
12331978"Space Without Affiliation" by Arne Jones (2.50k)---$0.20
12341978Brown Bear (1.15k)---$0.20
12571978North Arrow (Compass Rose), Map, 1769 (10k)---$0.20
12581978Coronation Coach, 1699 (1.70k)$0.80$0.45
12671978Christmas Toys - Dalecarlian Wooden Horse (90o)$0.30---
12681978Christmas Toys - Doll (90o)$0.30---
12691978Christmas Toys - Spinning Tops (1.30k)$0.45---
12701978Christmas Toys - Rider Drawing Water Cart (1.30k)$0.45---
12781979Europa - Mail Service by Boat (1.30k)---$0.35
13161980Renewable Energy - Geohermal Energy (1.15k)---$0.65
13191980Crown Princess Victoria and King Carl XVI Gustaf (perf 12.5 vert.) (1.30k)---$0.20
13211980Parents' Insurance System - Child Holding Adult's Hand (1.40k)---$0.20
13311980Norden '80 - Chair, Scania, 1831 (1.50k)---$0.20
13361980Comic Strip Characters (Christmas) - Mandel Karlsson (1.15k)---$0.30
13371980Comic Strip Characters (Christmas) - Adamson (1.50k)---$0.20
13381980Comic Strip Characters (Christmas) - Farmer Kronblom (1.50k)---$0.20
13391980Angel Blowing Horn (1.25k)---$0.20
13401980Painting - Necken, by Josephson (8k)---$0.20
13411980Nobel Prize Winner - Knut Hamsun, Writer (1.40k)$0.55---
13681981King Carl XVI Gustaf (1.80k)---$0.20
13761981Day and Night (1.65k)---$0.20
13771981Scene from Lagerkvist's Autobiography Guest of Reality (1.50k)---$0.20
13961982Impossible Figures (25o)---$0.20
14311983Norway Maple (10o)---$0.20
14331983Sloe (20o)---$0.20
14341983Games - Fox and Cheese (50o)---$0.20
14531983Sweden-US Relations Bicent. (2.70k)$0.95---
14541983Nordic Cooperation - Bicycling (1.65k)---$0.20
14681983Planorbis Snail (1.80k)---$0.20
14701983Hjalmar Bergman, Writer - Portrait (1.80k)---$0.20
14741983Christmas Postcard Designs - Christmas Gnomes Around the Globe (1.60k)---$0.30
14751983Christmas Postcard Designs - On Straw Goats (1.60k)---$0.30
14901985Plants - Angelica (2k)---$0.20
14941984Provincial Arms - Vasterbotton (1.60k)---$0.20
15061984Women's Rights Centenary (1.50k)---$0.40
15281985Plants - Nigritella nigra (2.20k)---$0.20
15301985World Table Tennis Championships - Jan-Ove Waldner, Sweden (2.70k)---$0.75
15461985Trade Signs - Music Shop (10o)---$0.20
15501985Trade Signs - Shoemaker (50o)---$0.20
15841986Waterbirds - Storlom (2.30k)---$0.20
16241987Plants - Gentianella campestris (2.10k)---$0.20
16251987Conservation - Osmoderma eremita (2.50k)---$0.20
16881988Midsummer Celebration - Accordion Player (2k)---$0.25
17251989Endangered Species - Dendrocopos minor (2.40k)---$0.25
17761990National Parks - Campground, Angso Park (2.50k)---$0.20
17771990National Parks - Hiking, Pieljekaise Park (2.50k)---$0.20
17781990National Parks - Three Whooper Cranes, Muddus Park (3.70k)---$0.30
17851990King Carl XVI Gustaf (2.80k)---$0.20
17861990King Carl XVI Gustaf (2.90k)---$0.25
17931990King Carl XVI Gustaf (3.85k)---$0.30
1797A1990King Carl XVI Gustaf ((5k))---$0.30
18411990Ovedskloster Palace (40k)---$0.30
18671991Fish - Silurus glanis (profile) (2.50k)---$0.25
18681991Fish - Silurus glanis in full view (2.50k)---$0.25
18691991Fish - Cobitis taenia (5k)---$0.20
18711991Fish - Noemacheilus Barbatulus (5.50k)---$0.25
18741991Palaces - Stromsholm Castle (10k)---$0.20
18761991Palaces - Karlberg Castle (20k)---$0.90
18831991Skansen Park, Stockholm, 100th Anniv. - Seglora Church (2.40k)---$0.25
18841991Skansen Park, Stockholm, 100th Anniv. - Flag Above Park (2.40k)---$0.25
18851991Skansen Park, Stockholm, 100th Anniv. - Wedding (2.40k)---$0.25
18861991Skansen Park, Stockholm, 100th Anniv. - Animals (2.40k)---$0.25
19181992Outdoor Life Assoc., Centenary (2.30k)---$0.35
19201992Wild Animals - Capreolus capreolus (perf 13 on 3 sides) (2.80k)---$0.20
19211992Wild Animals - Capreolus capreolus with fawn (perf 13 on 3 sides) (2.80k)---$0.20
19221992Wild Animals - Ursus arctos - Cubs (perf 13 on 3 sides) (2.90k)---$0.30
19231992Wild Animals - Ursus arctos - Adult (perf 13 on 3 sides) (2.90k)---$0.30
19261992Wild Animals - Erinaeceus eropaeus (perf 13 on 3 sides) (1k)---$0.30
19271992Wild Animals - Capreolus capreolus with fawn (perf 13 vert) (2.80k)---$0.20
19281992Wild Animals - Ursus arctos - Cubs (perf 13 vert.) (2.90k)---$0.20
19291992Wild Animals - Mustela putorius (perf 13 vert) (3k)---$0.40
19311992Wild Animals - Mustela erminea (perf 13 vert.) (3.85k)---$0.35
19491992Children's Drawings - Rabbit (2.50k)---$0.25
19501992Children's Drawings - Horses (2.50k)---$0.25
19511992Children's Drawings - Cat (2.50k)---$0.25
19521992Children's Drawings - Elephant (2.50k)---$0.25
1961199288th Inter-Parlimentary Union Conference, Stockholm - Riksdag Building (2.80k)---$0.25
19621992Swedish Patent and Registration Office, Cent. (2.80k)---$0.35
20161993Flowers - Bluebell (2.60k)---$0.35
20321993Hydrographic Survey - Modern Echo Sounding (2.90k)---$0.25
20331993Hydrographic Survey - 1643 Method (2.90k)---$0.25
20471994Domestic Animals - North Sweden Horse (3.20k)---$0.25
20551994Domestic Animals - Gotland Sheep (3.20k)---$0.20
20941994Opera House, Gothenburg (3.20k)---$0.25
21061994Christmas Scenes from Medieval Altar Pieces - Flight to Egypt (2.80k)---$0.40
211419951995 Ice Hockey World Championships (3.70k)---$1.00
21531995Christmas Candlesticks - Wrought Iron (3.35k)---$0.35
21771996Paintings - by Roland Svensson (3.85k)---$0.40
21861996Mushrooms - Boletus edulis (3.85k)---$0.35
22201997Wild Animals - Equus przewalskii ((5k))---$0.35
22211997Wild Animals - Panthera unica, Adult ((5k))---$0.35
22221997Wild Animals - Panthera unica, cubs ((5k))---$0.35
22231997Easter Stamps - Rooster ((5k))---$0.45
22251997Pheasants - Phasianus Colchicus (2k)---$0.60
22261997Pheasants - Chrysolophus amherstiae (2k)---$0.60
22271997Garden Flowers - Iris sibirica ((5k))---$0.40
22291997Garden Flowers - Aquilegia vulgaris ((5k))---$0.40
22301997Garden Flowers - Hemerocallis flava ((5k))---$0.40
22311997Garden Flowers - Viola x wittrokiana ((5k))---$0.40
22421997Swedish Elk - Elk With Yellow Bars ((5k))---$0.85
22441997Swedish Elk - Road Sign Elk ((5k))---$0.85
22451997Swedish Elk - Old Norse Elk and Calf ((5k))---$0.85
22631998New Modern Museum of Art - Fungus Sculpture by Klein ((5k))---$0.60
22641998New Modern Museum of Art - Skeppsholmen by Gidenstam ((5k))---$0.60
22661998Valentines Day (Green and Orange) ((5k))---$0.60
22671998Valentines Day (Blue and Rose Red) ((5k))---$0.60
22681998Swedish Confederation of Trade Unions, Cent. ((5k))---$0.50
22691998Public Buildings - Fire Station, Gavle ((5k))---$0.50
22701998Public Buildings - Shoe Shop, Askersund ((5k))---$0.50
22711998Public Buildings - Fish Halls, Gothenburg ((5k))---$0.50
22721998Public Buildings - Rodalvarm (Red Mill) Cinema, Halmstad ((5k))---$0.50
22731998Public Buildings - Town Hotel, Eksjo ((5k))---$0.50
22761998Handicrafts - Wrought Iron Ornamental Designs ((5k))---$0.40
22791998Wetland Flowers - Marsh Violet ((5k))---$0.35
22801998Wetland Flowers - Great Willow-herb ((5k))---$0.35
22921998King Carl XVI Gustaf, 25th Anniv. Of Accession to the Throne ((5k))---$0.50
22931998Vilhelm Moberg, Writer ((5k))---$0.55
23141998Christmas - Mistletoe ((4k))---$0.40
23151998Christmas - Amaryllis ((4k))---$0.40
23181999Swedish Cooperative Union, Cent. ((5k))---$0.40
23201999Swedish Coins - Carl XIV John Riksdaler ((5k))---$0.40
23371999Construction of Oresund Bridge - Swan Platoon Crane ((5k))---$0.40
23431999Flowers - Pyramid Orchid ((5k))---$0.40
23441999Flowers - Lady's Slipper ((5k))---$0.65
23451999Flowers - Marsh Helleborine ((5k))---$0.40
23511999Bikes - Racing Bike ((5k))---$0.40
23651999Sun Rays Touching Heligholmen Island - Island Rocks (5k)---$1.75
23732000Watch of King Karl XII, 1701 - Face ((5k))---$0.45
23762000Forests - Elk in Forest ((5k))---$0.55
23772000Forests - Bird in Forest ((5k))---$0.55
23802000Millenium - Swedish UN Forces, Postal Clerk ((5k))---$1.40
23852000Millenium - European Union Flag, Map of Member Countries ((5k))---$1.40
23872000Millenium - Skiiers Wiberg and Stenmark; Tennis Player Borg ((5k))---$1.40
23892000Art by von Schantz - A Peck of Apples ((5k))---$0.60
23902000Art by von Schantz - A Bowl of Blueberries ((5k))---$0.60
23912000Oresund Bridge - Bridge (engraved) ((5k))---$0.75
2396B2000Sky Conditions - Clouds and Lightning ((5k))---$1.25
2396D2000Sky Conditions - Aurora Borealis ((5k))---$1.25
2396E2000Sky Conditions - Rainbow ((5k))---$1.25
2396F2000Sky Conditions - Cumulus Clouds ((5k))---$1.25
23972000King Carl XVI Gustaf ((5k))---$0.50
24052001Rock Carvings - Ships ((5k))---$0.45
2407A2001New Year 2001 (Year of the Snake) - Snake with Tongue Extended ((5k))---$1.00
2408A2001Dogs - Golden Retriever ((5k))---$0.85
24092001Birds - Vanellus Vanellus ((3.80k))---$1.10
24102001Birds - Pica pica ((5k))---$0.50
2416A2001Ivar Lo-Johansson, Writer - Portrait ((5k))---$0.80
2416B2001Ivar Lo-Johansson, Writer - Truck ((5k))---$0.80
2417A2001Peonies - Fernleaf Peony ((5k))---$0.50
2417B2001Peonies - Chinese Peony "Mons Jules Elie" ((5k))---$0.50
2417C2001Peonies - Herbaceous Peony (yellow) ((5k))---$0.50
2417D2001Peonies - Common Peony ((5k))---$0.50
2417E2001Peonies - Tree Peony ((5k))---$0.50
24192001Daniel Solander, Botanist - Vertical Pair (2 x 8k)---$4.50
2420B2001Fish - Abramis brama ((5k))---$1.20
2422B2001Stamp Design Contest Winners - The Letter, by Thomas Frohling ((5k))---$1.25
2424A2001Tree Ornaments - Star ((4.50k))---$0.80
24262002World Ice Hockey Championships ((5k))---$1.10
24272002Pandion Haliaetus (10k)---$1.10
2428A2001New Year 2002 - Boy and Girl on Horse ((5k))---$0.95
2428B2001New Year 2002 - Boy Leading Horse with Girl Riding ((5k))---$0.95
2429A2002Love and Miss Terrified by Dranger - "Det tror . . . " ((5k))---$1.25
24322002Stockholm, 750th Anniv. - Town and Lake Malaren ((5k))---$0.75
24412002Waterfront Building ((5k))---$0.75
2442A2002Summer in Bohuslan - Lighthouse and Gull ((5k))---$0.85
2442B2002Summer in Bohuslan - Lighthouse and Three Birds ((5k))---$0.85
2442C2002Summer in Bohuslan - Bridge, Sailboat, Waterfront Buildings ((5k))---$0.85
2442D2002Summer in Bohuslan - Boat with Outboard Motor ((5k))---$0.85
2443B2002Gronkopings Veckoblad Satirical Newspaper - Fictitious Police Chief and Criminal ((5k))---$1.25
24512003St. Bridget (1303-1373) ((5.50k))---$1.25
2461A2003Flowers - Hepatica Nobilis ((5.50k))---$1.25
2461B2003Flowers - Primula veris ((5.50k))---$1.25
2461C2003Flowers - Tussilago farfara ((5.50k))---$1.25
2462A2003Oland Moorland, UNESCO World Heritage Site - Windmills ((5.50k))---$1.50
2462D2003Oland Moorland, UNESCO World Heritage Site - Sheep and Lighthouse ((5.50k))---$1.50
24632003Garden Pavillions - 1820s Pavillion, by Frederik Blom ((5.50k))---$1.40
2464A2003Garden Pavilions - Pavilion of Emanuel Swedenbord ((5.50k))---$1.10
2464B2003Garden Pavilions - Pavilion of Ebba Brahe ((5.50k))---$1.10
2464C2003Garden Pavilions - Vastana Farm Pavilion, Borensberg ((5.50k))---$1.10
2464D2003Garden Pavilions - Godegard Pavilion ((5.50k))---$1.10
24662003King Carl XVI Gustaf (red brown, vert sync. perf) ((5.50k))---$0.75
2468A2003Harvest Time - Upper Left Corner of Basket ((5.50k))---$1.25
2468B2003Harvest Time - Upper Right Corner of Basket ((5.50k))---$1.25
2468C2003Harvest Time - Lower Left Corner of Basket ((5.50k))---$1.25
2468D2003Harvest Time - Lower Right Corner of Basket ((5.50k))---$1.25
2473D2003Christmas Paintings by Larsson (Self-Adhesive) - Garden och Brygghuset ((5k))---$1.40
24772004Woodworking Tools - Plane ((5.50k))---$0.60
2478C2004Flowers - Hibiscus ((5.50k))---$1.50
24832004Sunset Scenes - Pair (2 x (5.50k))---$2.50
2483A2004Sunset Scenes - Fisherman ((5.50k))---$1.25
2483B2004Sunset Scenes - Lighthouse ((5.50k))---$1.25
2484A2004Stockholm Archipelago - Sailboat, Red House ((5.50k))---$0.90
2484B2004Stockholm Archipelago - Rowboat, Houses, Langviksskar ((5.50k))---$0.90
2484C2004Stockholm Archipelago - Ferry, Stora Nassa ((5.50k))---$0.90
2484D2004Stockholm Archipelago - Sailboat, Lighthouse, Namdofjarden ((5.50k))---$0.90
24882004Birds - Streptopelia decaocto ((5k))---$1.25
24892004Birds - Swedish Tumbler ((5.50k))---$1.00
2491A2004Forest Larder - Mushrooms, Lingonberries ((5.50k))---$1.25
2491B2004Forest Larder - Wild Strawberries, Basket of Blueberries ((5.50k))---$1.25
2491C2004Forest Larder - Juniper Berries, Basket of Mushrooms ((5.50k))---$1.25
2491D2004Forest Larder - Cloudberries, Cranberries ((5.50k))---$1.25
25012005King Carl XVI Gustaf ((5.50k))---$1.00
25052005Bird (Oriolus oriolus) (11k)---$2.50
25062005Dag Hammarskjold, UN Secretary General - Pair (2 x (5.50k))---$3.25
2506A2005Dag Hammarskjold, UN Secretary General - Portrait ((5.50k))---$1.60
2506B2005Dag Hammarskjold, UN Secretary General - UN Flag ((5.50k))---$1.60
2508A2005Spring Flowers - Convallaria majalis ((5.50k))---$1.10
2508B2005Spring Flowers - Gagea lutea ((5.50k))---$1.10
2508C2005Spring Flowers - Pulsatila vulgaris ((5.50k))---$1.10
2508D2005Spring Flowers - Anemone nemorosa ((5.50k))---$1.10
25102005Allotment Gardens - Gardener Near Shed (perf 12.75 syncopated) ((5.50k))---$1.50
2511A2005Allotment Gardens - Girl Near Shrub (serp die cut 10 on 3 sides) ((5.50k))---$1.50
2511B2005Allotment Gardens - Woman at Table (serp die cut 10 on 3 sides) ((5.50k))---$1.50
2511C2005Allotment Gardens - Woman with Basket of Vegetables (serp die cut 10 on 3 sides) ((5.50k))---$1.50
2511D2005Allotment Gardens - Man Watering Garden (serp die cut 10 on 3 sides) ((5.50k))---$1.50
2518A2005Juvenile Wild Animals - Lynx ((5.50k))---$1.50
2518B2005Juvenile Wild Animals - Bear ((5.50k))---$1.50
2518C2005Juvenile Wild Animals - Wolf ((5.50k))---$1.50
2518D2005Juvenile Wild Animals - Fox ((5.50k))---$1.50
2519D2005Mopeds - Two Men Sitting on Mopeds (5.50k)---$1.50

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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