Let's Trade Stamps!

Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for Norway. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

Scott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
1921940Lion Rampant (unwmk) (10o)---$0.20
1951940Lion Rampant (no wmk) (15o)---$0.20
1961940Lion Rampant (unwmk) (20o)---$0.20
197A1940Lion Rampant (scarlet, no wmk) (25o)---$0.20
1991940Lion Rampant (bright violet, no wmk) (35o)---$0.20
2001940Lion Rampant (dark slate green, no wmk) (40o)---$0.20
2011940Lion Rampant (17 x 21 mm, unwmked, deep claret) (50o)---$0.20
2021940Lion Rampant (17 x 21 mm, unwmked, Prussian blue) (60o)---$0.20
2751946King Haakon VII (1k)---$0.20
2801947300th Anniv. Of Norwegian Post Office - Letter Carrier (10o)---$0.20
2821947300th Anniv. Of Norwegian Post Office - Christian Magnus Falsen (25o)---$0.20
3071950Post Horn (greenish gray, "NORGE" with Serifs) (10o)---$0.20
3121950King Haakon VII (red brown) (35o)---$0.20
3161950King Haakon VII (gray blue) (60o)---$0.20
3231951King Haakon VII with Ornamental Frame (dark red) (30o)---$0.20
3251952Post Horn (orange brown, "NORGE" with Serifs) (15o)---$0.20
3261952Post Horn (green, "NORGE" with Serifs) (20o)---$0.20
3451955King Haakon VII (dark green) (25o)---$0.20
3461955King Haakon VII (brown red) (30o)---$0.20
3631958King Olav V (scarlet) (45o)---$0.20
3701959King Olav V (profile, large) (1k)---$0.20
3711959King Olav V (profile, large) (1.50k)---$0.20
3721959King Olav V (profile, large) (2k)---$0.20
4111962King Olav V (scarlet) (50o)---$0.20
4171962Posthorn (engraved) (10o)---$0.20
4191962Posthorn (engraved) (20o)---$0.20
4201962Rock Carvings (25o)---$0.20
4241962Boatswain's Knot (vermilion) (50o)---$0.20
4271962Stave Church and Northern Lights (dark blue) (65o)---$0.20
4621964Rye and Fish (dull green) (30o)---$0.20
4631964Rock Carvings (light blue-green) (40o)---$0.20
4661964Boatswain's Knot (five twists on bottom rope) (60o)---$0.30
4681964Boatswain's Knot (70o)---$0.20
4691964Rock Carvings (violet blue) (100o)---$0.20
5381969King Olav V (1.50k)---$0.20
5391969King Olav V (2k)---$0.20
5401969King Olav V (5k)---$0.20
5411969King Olav V (10kr)---$0.20
5421969King Olav V (20k)---$0.20
6111972Rock Carvings (red) (100o)---$0.20
6901977Scenic Type - Akershus Castle, Oslo (1.25k)---$0.20
7101976Posthorn (engraved) (50o)---$0.20
7131978Post Horn (80o)---$0.20
7151978Scenic Type - Austrat Manor (1k)---$0.20
7191978Scenic Type - Tofte Estate, Dovre (2k)---$0.20
7211978Scenic Type - Log House, Breiland, 1785 (2.50k)---$0.20
7231978Scenic Type - Selje Monastery (3k)---$0.20
7441979International Year of the Child - "Girl" by Stoltenberg (1.25k)---$0.20
8461984Poultry-Breeding Society, Cent - Rooster (2.50k)---$0.20
8761986Ornaments - Fish (2.30k)---$0.20
8781986Ornaments - Flowers, Wheat (2.70k)---$0.20
8801986Fauna - Ermine (3k)---$0.20
8811986Fauna - Mute Swan (3.20k)---$0.20
9281988Transportation (Europa) - Prinds Gustav, 1st Passenger Steamer in Northern Norway (2.90k)---$0.30
9401989Folk Costumes - Setesdal (Woman) (3k)---$0.30
9601991Posthorn (engraved) (1k)---$0.20
9611991Posthorn (engraved) (2k)---$0.20
9621991Posthorn (engraved) (3k)---$0.20
9651991Posthorn (engraved) (6k)---$0.20
9661991Posthorn (engraved) (7k)---$0.20
9671991Posthorn (engraved) (8k)---$0.25
9681991Posthorn (engraved) (9k)---$0.35
9891991Europa - ERS-1 Satellite (3.20k)---$0.30
9911991City of Christiansand, 350th Anniv. - Early View (3.20k)---$0.25
10051992Queen Sonja (3k)---$0.20
10071992King Harald (3.30k)---$0.20
10171992King Harald (perf 13.5 x 13) (10k)---$0.20
10191992King Harald (perf 13.5 x 13) (20k)---$0.50
10521994Butterflies - Clossiana freija (3.50k)---$0.20
11171996Olympic Games, Cent. (Children's Drawings) - Cross Country Skier (3.50k)---$0.25
11411997Post Horn (10o)---$0.20
11431997Posthorn (20o)---$0.20
11451997Posthorn (40o)---$0.20
11481997Flowers - Red Clover (3.20k)---$0.30
11491997Flowers - Coltsfoot (3.70k)---$0.35
11511997Flowers - Harebell (5k)---$0.45
11521997Flowers - Oxeye Daisy (6k)---$0.55
11801998Insects - Dragonfly (3.80k)---$0.20
11831998Flowers - Wild Pansy (3.80k)---$0.25
12131999Norway Inventions - Cheese Slicer (3.60k)---$0.25
12141999Norway Inventions - Paper Clip (4k)---$0.25
12151999Fish - Salmon (4k)---$0.20
12161999Fish - Cod (4k)---$0.20
12602000Norway Inventions - Aerosol Container (4.20k)---$0.25
12612000Fish - Mackeral (4.20k)---$0.20
12622000Fish - Herring (4.20k)---$0.20
12712000Comic Strips - Nr. 91 Stomperud (4.20k)---$0.20
12752001Crafts - Birch-Bark Basket (4.50k)---$0.25
12832001Post Horn (1k)---$0.20
O38A1939Official Stamp; Coat of Arms (photogravure, unwmk, scarlet) (25o)---$0.20
O811955Official Stamp; Coat of Arms (photogravure, gray green) (2k)---$0.20
O1061975Official Stamp; Coat of Arms (litho, dull red) (1.25k)---$0.20

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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