Let's Trade Stamps!

Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for Germany. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

Scott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
14911986Famous Women - Bertha von Suttner (200pf)---$0.50
15341987Historic Sites and Objects - Magdeburg Castle (200pf)---$0.50
15401987Historic Sites and Objects - State Theatre, Cottbus (500pf)---$0.75
17021992Coats of Arms of States of the Fed. Rep. Of Germany - Bavaria (100pf)---$0.55
17271992Famous Women - Marlene Dietrich, Actress (110pf)---$0.30
17311992Famous Women - Maria Probst, Politician (300pf)---$0.30
17451992Discovery of America (Europa) - Rene de Laudonniere and Chief Athore (100pf)---$0.50
18301994Europa - Quantum Theory by Max Planck (100pf)---$0.45
18441994Goethe-Schiller Monument (100pf)---$0.40
18461994Bellevue Castle, Berlin (110pf)---$0.20
18721994Mail Delivery, Spreewald Region, circa 1900 (100pf)---$0.45
18761994Theodore Fontane, Poet (100pf)---$0.45
18821995Diet of Worms, 500th Anniv. (100pf)---$0.45
18891995Freedom of Expression (100pf)---$0.45
19161996Friedrich von Bodelschwingh, Protestant Theologian (100pf)---$0.50
19191996Cathedral Square, Halberstadt, 1000th Anniv. (80pf)---$0.35
19501996Carl Zuckmayer, Playwright (100pf)---$0.55
19541998Traffic Safety for Children (100pf)---$0.55
19571997Chancellor Ludwig Erhard (100pf)---$0.55
19661997Stories and Legends (Europa) - Rubezahl of Riesengebirge (Giant Mountains) (100pf)---$0.60
19671997Sister Cities Movement, 50th Anniv. (100pf)---$0.55
19691997Fr. Sebastian Kneipp, Hydrotherapist (100pf)---$0.55
19701997Marshall Plan, 50th Anniv. (100pf)---$0.55
19721997Mungsten Bridge, Centennial (100pf)---$0.55
19741997Scenic Region - Bavarian Forest (110pf)---$0.70
19751997Scenic Region - Luneburg Heath (110pf)---$0.70
19761997Scenic Region - North German Moorland (110pf)---$0.70
19801997Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Composer (110pf)---$0.70
19821997Third Saar-Lorraine-Luxembourg Summit (110pf)---$0.70
19851997Gerhard Tersteegen, Author of Religious Hymns, Booklets (110pf)---$0.70
19891998City of Nordlingen, 1100th Anniv. (110pf)---$0.70
19901998Bertolt Brecht, Playwright (110pf)---$0.70
19921998Town of Bad Frankenhausen, 1000th Anniv. (110pf)---$0.70
20011998Bayreuth Opera, 250th Anniv. (300pf)---$1.75
20111998Grube Messel Fossil Beds (100pf)---$0.55
20211998Gunther Ramin, Organist, Choir Leader (300pf)---$1.75
20241999Weimar, 1999 European City of Culture, 1100th Anniv. (100pf)---$0.70
20591999Endangered Species - Large Horseshoe Bat (100pf)---$0.60
20602000Expo 2000, Hanover (100pf)---$0.70
20802000Blue Wonder Bridge, Dresden (100pf)---$0.55
20872000Europa (die cut perf 10.75) (110pf)---$0.90
20942000Expo 2000 Emblem, Earth and Fingerprint (110pf)---$0.70
21252002Endangered Species - Indian Rhinoceros (110pf)---$1.00
21292001Catholic Court Church, Dresden, 250th Anniv. (110pf)---$1.00
21372001Federal Constitutional Court, 50th Anniv. (110pf)---$1.00
21422001Werner Heisenberg, Physicist (300pf)---$2.75
21442002Introduction of the Euro (perf 13.75) (56c)---$0.50
2146A2002Bautzen, 1000th Anniv. (die cut perf 11) (56c)---$1.00
21552002"Post" Skywriting (56c)---$1.00
2159A2002Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Worlitz, UNESCO World Heritage Site (perf 13.75 x 14) (56c)---$1.00
21662002Endangered Species - Desmoulins Whorl Snail (51c)---$0.90
21672002Endangered Species - Freshwater Pearl Mussel (56c)---$1.00
21752002Communications Museum, Berlin (153c)---$2.75
22162002Historic Sites - Old Opera House, Frankfurt (die cut perf 10.25 x 11) (55c)---$1.00
22242003Treaty for German-French Cooperation, 40th Anniv. (55c)---$1.00
22272003Rose (perf 14) (55c)---$0.60
22332003Cologn Cathedral, UNESCO World Heritage Site (self-adhesive) (55c)---$0.60

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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