Let's Trade Stamps!

Listed below are the stamps I have to trade for Bulgaria. If you find anything that you want, send an e-mail to tservies@gmail.com with your requests and we will try to work out a deal.

Scott #YearDescriptionMint
Used *
581901Tsar Ferdinand (2s)---$0.20
601901Tsar Ferdinand (5s)---$0.20
641901Tsar Ferdinand (30s)---$0.30
901911Tsar Ferdinand (carmine and black) (2s)---$0.20
931911Tsar Ferdinand (deep red and black, perf 12) (10s)---$0.20
951911Tsar Ferdinand (ultra blue and black, perf 12) (25s)---$0.20
1141915Tsar Assen's Tower (perf 11.5, re-engraved) (1s)---$0.20
1241917Soldier and Mt. Sonichka (25s)---$0.20
1251917View of Nish (30s)---$0.20
1331918Tsar Ferdinand (10s)---$0.20
1381919Tsar Boris III (3s)---$0.20
1541921Tsar Ferdinand (in circular frame) (10s)---$0.20
1571921View of Ohrid (20s)---$0.20
1581921View of Sofia (10s)---$0.20
1601921Tsar Boris III (blue green) (25s)---$0.20
1611921City of Trnovo (orange) (50s)---$0.20
1881924City of Trnovo (overprinted, dark blue) (3l on 50s)---$0.20
1971925Harvesting (4l)---$0.20
1981925Cathedral of Sveta Nedelya, Sofia, Ruined by Bomb (50s)---$0.20
2021926Lion of Bulgaria (center embossed) (6l)---$0.20
2031926Lion of Bulgaria (center embossed) (10l)$4.00$0.75
2041926Christo Botev (1l)---$0.20
2051926Christo Botev (2l)---$0.20
2061926Christo Botev (4l)---$0.35
2071927Lion of Bulgaria (dark red and buff) (10s)---$0.20
2081927Lion of Bulgaria (black and orange) (15s)---$0.20
2091927Lion of Bulgaria (dark blue and bister brown) (30s)---$0.20
209A1927Lion of Bulgaria (indigo and buff) (30s)---$0.20
2101927Lion of Bulgaria (black and rose red) (50s)---$0.20
2111928Tsar Boris III (olive green) (1l)---$0.20
2121928Tsar Boris III (deep brown) (2l)---$0.20
2131929St. Clement (10s)$0.20$0.20
2141929Konstantin Miladinov (15s)$0.40$0.40
2151929George S. Rakovski (30s)---$0.20
2161929Drenovo Monastery (50s)---$0.20
2171929Paisii (1l)---$0.20
2181929Tsar Simeon (2l)---$0.20
2191929Lyuben Karavelov (3l)---$0.45
2201929Vassil Levski (4l)---$0.25
2211929Georgi Benkovski (5l)---$0.35
2221929Tsar Alexander II (6l)---$0.90
2231929Tsar Boris and Fiancee, Princess Giovanna (1l)---$0.25
2241929Queen Ioanna and Tsar Boris (2l)---$0.30
2251929Tsar Boris and Fiancee, Princess Giovanna (4l)---$0.30
2261929Queen Ioanna and Tsar Boris (6l)---$0.40
2271931Tsar Boris III (unwmk) (1l)$0.25$0.20
2281931Tsar Boris III (unwmk) (2l)---$0.20
2291931Tsar Boris III (red orange, unwmk) (4l)---$0.20
2301931Tsar Boris III (yelow orange, unwmk) (4l)---$0.20
2311931Tsar Boris III (deep blue, bars at top and bottom, unwmk) (6l)---$0.20
2321931Tsar Boris III (unwmk) (7l)---$0.20
2331931Tsar Boris III (unwmk) (10l)---$0.70
2341931Tsar Boris III (unwmk) (12l)---$0.20
2361931Tsar Boris III (unwmk) (20l)---$0.45
2511933Tsar Boris III (deep blue, no bars at top and bottom, unwmk) (6l)---$0.20
2521934Tsar Boris III (surcharged, unwmk) (2l on 3l)---$0.25
2791935Tsar Boris III (wmk) (1l)---$0.20
2801935Tsar Boris III (wmk) (2l)---$0.20
2871935Tsar Boris III (gray blue, no bars at top and bottom, wmk) (6l)---$0.20
3461939Early Locomotive (1l)---$0.20
3571940Tsar Boris III (2l)---$0.20
3601940Peasant Couple and Tsar Boris (1l)---$0.20
3781940P. R. Slaveikov (1l)---$0.20
3811940Martin S. Drinov (4l)---$0.20
3921941Macedonian Woman (1l)---$0.20
3971941Peasant Working In A Field (dark violet) (10s)---$0.20
4001941Plowing (dark olive brown) (15s)---$0.20
7711952Vassil Kolarov Dam (12s)---$0.20
12531963Design (1s)---$0.20
12541963Sofia University (1s)---$0.20
12551963Levski Stadium, Sofia (1s)---$0.20
12561963Arch, Nissaria (1s)---$0.20
12571963Parachutist (1s)---$0.20
13751964Pobitite Rocks (4s)---$0.20
C991963Lt. Col Valeri F. Bykovski (1s)---$0.20
J131895Postage Due (overprinted, imperf, light blue) (30s on 50s)---$2.00
J141895Postage Due (overprinted, perf, light blue) (30s on 50s)---$2.00
J151896Postage Due (orange) (5s)---$0.75
J161896Postage Due (purple) (10s)---$0.75
J171896Postage Due (green) (30s)---$0.45
J191901Postage Due (dull rose) (5s)$0.20$0.20
J201901Postage Due (yellow green) (10s)$0.40$0.20
J211901Postage Due (dull blue) (20s)---$0.20
J221901Postage Due (violet brown) (30s)$0.35$0.20
J231901Postage Due (orange) (50s)$5.50$4.00
J241915Postage Due (semi-transparent paper) (5s)$0.20$0.20
J251915Postage Due (semi-transparent paper) (10s)---$0.20
J261915Postage Due (semi-transparent paper) (20s)---$0.20
J271915Postage Due (semi-transparent paper) (30s)$1.10$0.20
J281915Postage Due (semi-transparent paper) (50s)---$0.20
J291919Postage Due (emerald) (5s)---$0.20
J29A1919Postage Due (gray green) (5s)$0.30$0.20
J301919Postage Due (violet) (10s)---$0.20
J30B1919Postage Due (light violet) (10s)$0.20$0.20
J311919Postage Due (salmon) (20s)---$0.20
J31A1919Postage Due (yellow) (20s)$0.20---
J32A1919Postage Due (red orange) (30s)$0.65$0.65
J331919Postage Due (blue) (50s)---$0.20
J33A1919Postage Due (light blue) (50s)$0.20$0.20
J341919Postage Due (emerald) (1l)---$0.20
J351919Postage Due (rose) (2l)---$0.20
J36A1919Postage Due (bister) (3l)---$0.20
J402000Lion of Trnovo (20s)---$0.20
O91944Bulgarian Coat of Arms (perf 10.5 x 11.5, blue) (1l)---$0.20
Q31941Parcel Post - Parcel Post Truck (3l)---$0.20
Q71941Parcel Post - Motorcycle (red violet) (6l)---$0.20
Q261944Arms of Bulgaria (20l)---$0.20
Q281944Arms of Bulgaria (50l)---$0.20
RA131935St. Constantine Sanatorium (chocolate brown and red orange) (1l)---$0.20
RA141935St. Constantine Sanatorium (emerald and indigo) (1l)---$0.20

* Used stamps may consist of Cancelled-To-Order (CTO) stamps or have hinge remnants, light pencil marks on the reverse, etc. After you e-mail me with your wants, I will check the stamps and let you know of their condition.

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